Best backyard playset for toddlers

Best Backyard Playsets For Toddlers And Kids (2019-Reviews)


Are you looking for the best backyard playsets for toddlers?

A great alternative to many toys, daycare centers, and parks are backyard play sets. They are very popular today! Kids enjoy the thrill and joy these playsets present. Parents feel highly relaxed to see their kids grooving around the backyard.

Kid entertainment isn’t easy! As the parents of your kids, you do understand this very well. A lot of researches have also been done in this field. With the development of technology, industries have made some superb natural fun playing tools. Among all these, no doubt, a play set stand out in the crowd.

Therefore, the latest playsets have been made very thoughtfully. The state-of-the-art swing, ladder, clubhouse, and sliders are perfect things which kids look for at their tender age. Their knowledge, skills and physical growth expedite highly with these play tools. Like all products on the market, you have quite a big collection of these playsets. Choosing the best playset is a daunting task. However, we’ve worked hard to make it easy for you. See our great product which already bears excellent customer reviews! Choose a playset for your kids at minimal risk. These are the most popular brands too. Some are a bit pricey though but you are actually paying for the quality.

 How To Assemble Backyard Playset | Playset Installation Tips


How To Choose The Best Outdoor Backyard Playset

When it comes to a modern-day best outdoor playsets for toddlers, they have a lot of features! It is important to know the most important ones in terms of your choice and your kid’s choice too. Some factors are should be carefully considered and we have jotted them down for your ease.


A play set is a big thing. There is no way to ignore its design and size. Even if you have the space to make it stand doesn’t suffice. Because your kids will run and move around it – needing more space. So the area or location for which you are buying a playset is the most primary factor to look into.


Modern play sets offer many features. All may not be of your choice for the age of your children. A bit grown up kids like 6+ ones will have no problems with most though, you would want to look into what would be the playing options. You have to match the features with your kid numbers, age, and capabilities. You might have to consider future plans with it because your kids going to grow soon.


Playsets come in wood, metal, and plastic made. You have quality sets with all materials. However, see your area’s weather conditions and choose the material. Of course, quality materials can endure many adversaries but that does not mean you should disregard seeing the material. Your kid’s health and safety are first. Making them adjusted to something is the priority.

Age and Weight

All playsets are not necessarily for all ages. Be sure to see the age compatibility. Risk factors increase with matured playsets. Even for choosing certain features, age and weight are very important. Older kids can climb and slide easily. A little one cannot do it easily and she should not be put in any sort of test with these tools.


Many people won’t bother the installation and assembly – if they can’t do it, they’d manage someone. However, many would pay serious attention to this factor, because there might be no strong person available for them who would easily assemble or install the playset. Some modern play sets are complex to install and you might have to do some pre-task at your backyard to set them right.

Best Backyard Playsets | Our Top Selections


1.Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Playset, Freestanding


Want a great freestanding, safe, quality play set for your kids? Get the A-Frame Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Playset without hesitation! With a lot of physical movement provision, this playset is a great solution to your kids’ boredom and monotony. It has a clubhouse, swing set, and many more fascinating features!




  • 3-D Climbing Wall
  • Propeller Swing
  • A-Frame Swing Bar
  • Cargo Net
  • Activity Chalkboard
  • Clubhouse that has Hardtop Roof
  • Binoculars and Ships Wheel
  • 2 Swings and 1 Trapeze Bar
  • Steering Wheel


Pros & Cons



  • Wavy Slide – 9-ft.
  • Color and weather protected with UV-Resistant
  • Maintenance is very easy; no painting and staining required
  • Free-Standing; no need for cement
  • Passed the Playground Performance and Safety Standards
  • Hard Edges covered and/ rounded with plastic caps
  • Made of high-density polyethylene and powder-coated steel
  • Chains are zinc-coated and rust-resistant
  • Clubhouse covered with heavy duty roof



  • Very expensive


2.Lifetime 90630 Products Adventure Tower Deluxe Playset, Green


Your kid-loving play set is this one! Customers are extremely happy getting the Lifetime 90630 Adventure Tower Deluxe Playset. High quality has been assured through its construction. A play set that is UV-protected high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and powder-coated steel constructed. This makes it robust and durable. No worries about adverse weather.

Kids who love to just hang out playing and enjoying for hours will just stick to it!




  • Freestanding – no cement needed
  • Rigid hardtop roof on the clubhouse with 4 store fronts
  • Swing Bar with 2 Swings, 1 Trapeze Bar & Monkey Bars
  • 2 Sturdy 3-D Climbing Walls
  • Fireman Pole
  • Wavy slide of 9′
  • Steering Wheel
  • Car Map
  • Skylight that is impact resistant


Pros & Cons



  • Passed the Playground Performance and Safety Standards
  • Fully free from lead-based material
  • Color and weather protected with UV-Resistant
  • Hard Edges covered and/ rounded with plastic caps
  • Maintenance is very easy; no painting and staining required
  • Rigid hardtop roof on the clubhouse
  • Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Chains are zinc-coated and rust-resistant




  • Installation may be exhausting


3.Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Set


Wondered a play set with raised clubhouse play fort for your kid? 100% cedar made Backyard Discovery Skyfort II is perfect. The good news is, this cedar has passed the laboratory testing and has already proved to be highly resistant to natural decay and rot. For smoothness, it has been pre-stained and represents a clear appearance. Made in a way so that installation becomes easy. For instance, the hardware is Safe-T-Fuse. Swinging is safe because of the steel clam-shell brackets.

The look & feel and safety features of Backyard Discovery Skyfort II are just great!




  • An elevated clubhouse
  • Front porch having sun balcony
  • Roof made of wood
  • Crow’s nest
  • Monkey bars
  • Three-position swing beam
  • Climbing wall made of rock
  • Wave slide – 10′ ft.


Pros & Cons



  • One of the most popular backyard playset kits
  • Features both a clubhouse & a lower play deck
  • Have 2 belt swings, a swing glider, a slide, a sandbox, and monkey bars
  • Raised kid-clubhouse with roof and windows
  • A spacious front porch that has sun balcony
  • 2 standard belt swing set swings
  • Has a wonderful ladder and solid rock climbing wall



  • Swings are very close


4.Congo Monkey Playsystem #1 with Swing Beam – White and Sand Low Maintenance Play Set


A premium and ready-to-assemble play set is many parents’ number one choice today. Because if you have to worry about the post-purchase tasks, it makes you worry a lot! Many people want to pay some extra bucks to reduce such stress. Congo Monkey Playsystem #1 with Swing Beam gives you such a relief! It’s ready-to-assemble, a wooden polymer coated wooden playset. One of the best playset for your kids that is beyond imagination.




  • 4′ x 7’6″ Fort, rock wall, wonder wave slide, fireman’s pole, sandbox, and a 3 position swing beam included
  • Overall dimensions is 16′ x 14′ x 10’6″ H
  • For safety zone the recommended dimensions: 28’ x 26’
  • The lumber is pre-drilled and pre-cut, therefore, ready to assemble
  • Deck size is 4′ x 7’6″ Fort
  • Deck height is 5′
  • Rock Wall of 5ft
  • Wonder Wave Slide
  • Fireman’s Pole
  • Sand Box
  • 3 Position Swing Beam
  • Two swings
  • A trapeze bar


Pros & Cons



  • A premium playset
  • Hassle free for ready to assemble
  • Almost maintenance free
  • The playset is polymer coated & wooden




  • Head-room over the slide are low


5.Creative Playthings (Playtime Series) Charlotte Swing Set Made in The USA


Just imagine your kid reaching the play platform or a 10-foot wave slide climbing an access ladder or scaling the rock wall! Creative Playthings Charlotte Swing Set gets the charm for your kid. Made of Premium Preserved Southern Yellow Pine this highly durable unit will provide years of fun activity to your child. The canopy roof, picnic table, and deep play platform looks awesome and would keep your little ones engaged for hours.





  • Southern Yellow Pine lumber made
  • Challenging Monkey Bar
  • Play deck is 42″ wide x 60″ deep x 5 ft high
  • Wood-roof of 9 ft high
  • Green wave slide of 10 ft
  • Built-in picnic table
  • 7′ High, 3 position swing beam with 2 sling swings
  • A ring trapeze
  • Swing chains that are plastisol coated
  • Very high-quality swing hangers
  • 3 safe hand grips
  • Access ladder
  • Rock climbing wall includes knotted rope


Pros & Cons



  • Wood is made from quality material! Southern Yellow Pine which is very heavy, dense and strong.
  • Made in the USA
  • A very high-quality stain used that resists all natural unwanted elements
  • Meets or exceeds the toughest safety standards.
  • Built-in picnic table




  • Requires additional time and manpower



Maintenance Tips For Best Backyard Playsets


Stain and seal the wood

Wooden structure playsets should be stained and sealed if they are not done so. The good news is, most of the modern wooden play sets have already been stained and sealed.

Waterproof sealants protect your wood from all sorts of natural elements that decay and damage. Your local hardware store sells it and therefore it’s easily available. Experts suggest resealing your wood every 1 or 2 years. This gives a greater life to the wood-set.

Regularly Inspect

Kids would be playing on the playset abruptly and it’s quite obvious. You should do a routine inspection of the playset. While inspecting look the screws, chains, slider, and mainly joints. Cracks, splinters, rust and any sort of damage or decay should be noticed ahead.

Keep the playset clean

For a longer life and to keep in shining, it is always wise to keep the playset clean. We recommend that you use a water hose and mild soap to clean it periodically.

Follow the manufacturer’s instruction

If not in detail, your play set’s manufacturer tells you about a few do and don’ts. Some are very straightforward – disclosed in the feature. For instance, how much weight the play set can endure and what age restrictions are there. Do follow them, they are important!

Some Common FAQs About Best Background Playsets


Which material would be best for a playset?

It all depends on your choice. You have wooden, plastic and metal play sets. All have their own advantages and disadvantages. All come in quality and could also be low in quality.

What features are most important in a playset?

Today’s play sets have a lot of features. However, the most popular are slider, swing, clubhouse, ladder and climbing wall.

How much high should the swings be from the ground?

This height depends on the age of the children. Usually, it’s from 10 inches to 24 inches – the standard, with slight differences. The lesser the child’s age the better lesser should be the height, however, should not go below 10 inches from the ground.

How about the distance between a wall or boundary and the swings?

We recommend at least six feet distance between the wall and the swings.


Final Verdict

By now you found a few best backyard playsets for toddlers. Just get your pick by choosing the one that matches your major factors. We always emphasize the quality. A few additional bucks and a great product you receive in return. However, this doesn’t mean that you exceed your budget substantially. Remember, it’s your children’s solution. You would obviously look for the safety and quality at a maximum.

Our buying guide has accompanied you to look into major factors. You have got the idea of five superb brand items too. It is high time to take a decision and get a big surprise for your kids soon!

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