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Best Backyard Portable Greenhouse Kit Reviews & Buying Guides-2019


People search for the best portable greenhouse or best value greenhouse to make their dream-plantation come true. Indeed, greenhouses are a tremendous way to help prolong your growing season. It allows you to protect plants from extreme temperatures and adverse elements. As well as for starting plants from seeds. Greenhouses are quite reasonably priced. Moreover, they are made from sturdy materials that should give you many years of use. Best of all, you have small to large portable greenhouses which protects your plants in all seasons.

If you’d like to create an ideal environment for gardening in a simple way, portable greenhouses are just what you need. Materials used for the structure of such greenhouses are plastic, wood or metal.

Garden lovers don’t want to let their endeavors go missed and they always try best to work with foresight. Gardening hobbyists love to get relieved by knowing that if in case, they have to shift elsewhere, their garden is with them! Portable greenhouses will give them this opportunity. Relocating your plants to a new place will be exciting and relaxing too.

Today’s trend is to grow sensitive plants round the year. Portable greenhouses are just perfect for it! Container gardening methods are the best way for growing sensitive plants in milder climates.

How to use a greenhouse for beginners?

How to Choose the Best Portable Greenhouse

Select the right size

Many people ignore the size of a portable greenhouse. However, it results in difficulty later. Just imagine if you are taller! You may need more space for your plants to accommodate. Therefore, consider the size of the greenhouse.

Select a greenhouse according to your site

Check the location and site where you will put it. Consider how much flexibility you’d want if you’re moving it somewhere else. Consider weather conditions of your area especially.

Choose the necessary accessories

Purchase one that would best support the accessories you’d need. Today several accessories come with the greenhouses.

Watch the frames

In the case of portable greenhouses, you’d consider easy to assemble products. Portable greenhouses are mostly very easy to assemble but consider which one is best suited in your locality. For instance, many would consider rot-resistant metal frames.


Deluxe Green House 56″ W x 56″ D x 77″ H,Walk in Outdoor Plant Gardening Greenhouse 2 Tiers 8 Shelves – Window and Anchors Include! | Best Value Greenhouse


 Product Review


The Deluxe Green House is an excellent choice for you if you want to match price and quality. Firstly, if you’re worried about assembly, this superb portable greenhouse only takes a couple of hours to assemble. Secondly, this greenhouse is a shoulder season one, you cannot use it round the year. It would serve you best in summer. Finally, if you are looking for a lightweight, easily movable greenhouse, this is the perfect one.



Product description


This is a walk-in greenhouse which is perfect for extending your growing and protecting seasonal plants. This greenhouse is a strong frame built and constructed with 12 wired shelves. You’ll have adequate room for ventilation which large size plants require. The zippered roll-up door and walk-in design give very easy access. Both setup and break down is easy.


Highlighted Features


  • Dimensions: 56″W x 56″D x 77″H & Weight: 23.37lbs
  • 12 wired shelves, 3 tiers on each side
  • 16mm dia. & 0.4mm thick Tube
  • Steel frame with a coating of green powder
  • Easily accessible for zippered door
  • All-season usable
  • Rust Resistant
  • PE cover is a heavy-duty one




Large Portable Walk-in Plant Greenhouse with PE Cover, 2 Tiers 8 Shelves Waterproof Gardening Steeple Greenhouse, Window Version and Roll-Up Zipper Door (56″ W x 56″ D x 77″ H Inch) | Best Backyard Greenhouse


Product Review


Walk-in Plant Greenhouse is a garden lover’s seasonal plant solution. Assembly is so simple that it requires absolutely no tools. If you need something sturdy, this is it! The material of this greenhouse stands out in the crowd, because, you’ll have it with knitted and fortified fabric. The best thing about it is that 17 standard trays could be set in one greenhouse!


 Product description


This is a wonderful garden walk-in greenhouse which protects your plants and seedlings from elements of weather and climate. Consequently, it makes space for all your blooming flowers, sprouting plants, and fresh vegetables. As diverse use of space, you’re having 3 Tiers 12 shelves which can hold enough plants and gardening tools. You could very easily tie the cover to the frame so that the greenhouse will be sturdy and stable.

This is a greenhouse that is 100% Waterproof with UV protection and maximum solar performance.


Highlighted Features


  • Rust-resistant tubes
  • 12 wired shelves
  •  Zippered roll-up door for easy access
  • Easy air circulation through screened ventilation
  • Made of Steel Frame/PE canopy
  • Weight: 23.37lbs



Large Walk-in Greenhouse with PE Cover 57″ L x 57″ W x 77″ H, 3 Tier 8 Shelves,Window Version and Roll-Up Zipper Door, Waterproof Cloche Portable Green House,Outdoor Gardening Organic Greenhouse


Product Review


Although this is not a very big portable greenhouse, it is a sturdy product. The assembly is very easy. If you are looking for an all-weather-condition portable greenhouse, this is a great choice! You’d love the way it serves for your early start for seedlings. This type of backyard greenhouse can be a source of backyard enjoyment for your eye and soul!


 Product description


This is a walk-in portable greenhouse for extending your growing season and protecting your flowers and plants. Shelves made of high-quality tubular steel and powder coated, heavy bearing net on every layer makes is strongly built. Moreover, this greenhouse has a smart design that allows big plants to grow easily with enough space inside. You also have PE cloth and non-woven fabric cover that saves it in adverse weather. Portability, easy set up makes a wonderful product.


Highlighted Features


  • Zippered door
  • Quick & easy to assemble
  • Rust Resistant
  • Heavy-duty threaded PE cover
  • Cover Material of 140G PE mesh reinforced
  • Weighs 23.37lbs
  • 3 tiers-12 wired shelves



Seven colors house Reinforced Portable Mini Greenhouse 35.4 x 70.8 x 39 inches Vegetable Plant Mini Arc Greenhouse with Clear Cover for Indoor or Outdoor Plants


Product Review


This is a very lightweight portable greenhouse. Users are very happy with its outlook. You do not have to fear that the wind will blow it away and leave your plants bare if you put some stones and rocks on the bottom of the material. Construction is nice and sturdy and no problems of plastic tearing. Zip up the side windows and get rid of the squirrel problem.


 Product description


This is a medium-sized portable greenhouse. It weighs 11lbs and very easy to assemble. Both indoor and outdoor use is possible. It comes with a durable powder-coated steel frame and detachable transparent UV resistant PVC film.  This product is superb for light penetration rate that ensures sufficient sunlight and heat preservation.


Highlighted Features


  • Powdered coated, rust-resistant frame
  • Four fixed ropes for firmness
  • Four zipped doors to control light and safety



 WZTO 3-Tier Mini Greenhouse, Portable Mini Garden House with Warm Clear PVC Cover for Indoor/Outdoor Growing Seeds & Seedlings, Tending Potted Plants Flower Zipper Roll Up Front | Best Small Greenhouse


Product Review


If you are eager to buy a greenhouse in anticipation of spring, just go for this WZTO 3-Tier Mini Greenhouse. Customers of this greenhouse are already highly impressed with its quality because it has both pipes and plastic covering. For the price, this is the biggest shelf mini greenhouse! Structure, sturdiness, and assembly are unbeatable. If you’re looking for the best portable greenhouse for winter or summer, you can end your search here!


 Product description


This greenhouse is made of powder-coated steel frame and therefore, sturdy in construction. The lightweight and the portable product is excellent for use in excessive heat or cold, which keeps your seedlings and plants safe round the year. It has a zipper door and ventilation. Its stacked design makes it ideal for small gardens, patio, deck or balcony.


Highlighted Features


  • Easy assembly and storage
  • Portable and strong
  • Clear polyethylene cover
  • Roll-up zippered door
  • Steep roof angle to prevent snow buildup
  • Durable connectors ensure extra security
  • Corrosion-resistant & Rust-resistant
  • Ideal for both cold and hot weather



 The Proper Way To Use A Portable Small Greenhouse

  • It is important to measure the portable greenhouse bed-space. You’ll know whether you have sufficient space for the crops you plan to grow;
  • Benches require to provide plenty of space for your seedlings. Of course, several seedlings will be moved outside when it is time to grow summer greenhouse crops;
  • Portable greenhouse borders can be used to sow salad leaves.
Sowing seed indoors
  • Clean pots and trays should be used.
  • Seed packets contain instructions – follow them.
  • Seed-germination will occur on a sunny windowsill indoors. Seeds would desire a heated propagator unit in your portable greenhouse.
Growing on
  • Right after germination seedlings will require light and frost-free to grow on. Until April an unheated greenhouse is adequately warm.
  • You should fleece and heat a partitioned section of the greenhouse. This helps make a proper environment for growing tender plants;
  • Know the weather forecasts. This would allow you to take precaution; you may require a supplementary heating system.

Safeguard the climbing plants from breaking off by providing them sufficient support.

Summer maintenance

Allow enough ventilation on warm days – open the doors and vents. However, warmth-loving veges, such as cucumbers and okra don’t need vents, so the vents could be closed. Simultaneously, humidity must be increased. Otherwise, partition off a sector of the greenhouse with clear plastic or fleece. Many plants would need shade. Do arrange some shade for them.


Maintenance and Care for portable small greenhouse

A routine and annual greenhouse maintenance should be done to prevent harmful diseases and pests. When you take care of greenhouse by cleaning it the plants grow better and healthy. Ensuring a congenial environment is essential. If you ignore cleaning, mites and insects would catch-up soon and spoil all your dreams! Weed removal, disinfection, and sanitization are an integral part of successful greenhousing.

Affordable Tips for Greenhouse Maintenance

  • Be aware of pest. Make sure that they do not get into your greenhouse.
  • Always be vigilant of your newly growing plants. Any sort of unusual objects you notice should be thoroughly researched and nipped in the bud.
  • Cleanliness is would prevent many harms to set into your greenhouse. Keep your greenhouse neat and clean.
  • Consider fumigating your greenhouse at least once a year. An expert would help you to make it effective.
  • Regular maintenance of a greenhouse is compulsory. Greenhouses attach to nature and nature is vulnerable to innumerable elements.


FAQs About Portable Greenhouse

How much does it cost to maintain a portable greenhouse?

This depends on quite a few factors. However, as you will always be spending economically, the cost is minimal and it would never bother you.

How hard is it to maintain a greenhouse?

If you are completely new to the using of a greenhouse, the start-up would be a bit difficult. However, when you’ll engage yourself with passion, it’ll become quite easy.

How to select a good location for your portable greenhouse?

A flat and level surface is the right place where you should set up your portable greenhouse. However, this is not enough. You have to notice the ease of irrigation, drainage option and power supply to the greenhouse.

What types of flooring are common inside a greenhouse?

The simple way is to directly grow the plants on the soil. Least preparation is involved in this case. The risk that involves in this plantation is that disease could become very widespread and very difficult to manage.You may also make a bed of gravel with paving stones. This is a DIY and cost-effective way of preparing the flooring. What you need is to level off the paving stones occasionally.To take total control of a greenhouse, involve a contractor to make a concrete floor and do the plantation inside it. Although a bit expensive, this is a very popular method to prepare a greenhouse floor.

What are the best choices for heating a greenhouse?

Use a small electric heater from preventing it from freezing. Just place a small circulating fan opposite end of your greenhouse, which is a proven cost-effective way for heating.


Final Word

If you are always on the move and have limited space, a portable greenhouse is just the right option for you. These constructions can be raised in places with minimal spaces, indoors or even on balconies. Modern greenhouses also have wheels so that they portability is easier in weather changes. If you are very passionate to by a shifting and movable product, you could even purchase a portable greenhouse on wheels today!

Besides, portable greenhouses allow climate and humidity control for growing sensitive plants and also manage their efficient development. By now you have got a clear idea about some best value greenhouses available around at present. These are very popular products, so if you want to make your growing season flourishing and exciting, your search can end up here!

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