Best Disc Golf Discs Reviews For Beginners & Intermediate Players


Disc golf is an exciting game. However, it could be frustrating if one’s new to it, probably you’re looking for the best disc golf discs for beginners. Newbies often get confused by the profuse information. Do not get anxious! This article tells you interesting facts about the game. You need to know about the best golf discs, their characteristics, and types. We’ve spent a long time researching among the best available golf discs online. Therefore, you can now easily select your choice. Our choices cover the best disc golf discs for intermediate players too.

How to choose the best disc golf discs

Disc golf is a very exciting game and it’s a game of strategy. You should know a few important points regarding the discs before just stocking them up.

Throughout a game, time and place would vary. Some people just look for the fastest discs available instead of being adjusting with the situations. They miss the point that this game requires specialized tools. Starters search the best disc golf discs for beginners. The discussing below will also guide you to know the best disc golf discs for intermediate players so that you can improve your game soon.

Disc Ratings

If you want to know about what you’re throwing, simply it is the disc golf rating. Major systems of disc rating are the four-number, virbam and the discraft systems.

The first is the most popular and used by many reliable manufacturers. Four components of this four-number system are speed, turn, fade and glide.

However, be aware of one point. To rate their discs, different companies may use the same system but they may not rate on the same scale. For instance, a 10 rating of one company could be different from other company’s 10.


In the four-number system, the first number represents the speed. Speed can be 1 to 14, 1 is minimum and 14 is maximum. Many people misunderstand the meaning of speed. They think this is the disc speed which is not true.

It tells us how fast the disc should be thrown for the other numbers to accurately describe the disc’s flight.


Glide ratings are measured in a 1 to 7 scale. The concept of glide is quite straightforward. Glider defines how long the disc would stay in the air. Yes, the longer the disc is in the air, the longer its score.

If the glide rating is low, a disc which will not fly far. On the other hand, higher glide rating means a disc will fly far. You need more effort to make low glide discs fly far, while a minimal effort is required if you want to throw high glide discs far.


The tendency of some discs to ‘flip up’ or ‘flip over’ is known as the turn.First understand the two terms: hyzer and anhyzer. According to experts, “A Hyzer is a throw that is designed to take advantage of the natural angle of the disc. For a right-handed disc golfer using a backhanded throwing style, the natural angle of the disc is for it to travel toward the left.” And “If you want to move the disc the opposite way, then you would be using the Anhyzer type of throw. In this instance, the right-handed golfer would angle the left side of the disc upward. Once released, then the disc will move toward the right, against the natural angle of the disc.”

Now, suppose you throw a disc on a hyzer angle. It flips up to flat, or flips over and glides to the right, i.e. on an anhyzer angle, then the disc is said to have ‘turned’.

Remember, the terms ‘flip’ and “turn” are used interchangeably. The term ‘turn’ is often referred to as ‘High-Speed Turn’ or HST in short. The reason is, a turn only takes place during the high speed of flight. This characteristic of a disc is known as understandable as it is predictable. New users should start with such understandable discs.

Turn ratings are measured on a scale between 3 and -3. When you throw the disc from a right-handed backhand the disc will break to the left early and this is what a rating of 3 meant by.


A turn happens at the beginning of a throw of the disc and fade happens at the end. Assuming a right-hand backhand throw, golf discs tend to curve to the left at the end of their flight path. The propensity to do so is called fade.Fade is measured between 0 and 5. When we say that the fade rating is 0, a disc will finish the straightest.


If you are an adult and a beginner, our recommendation is 170-174g discs. Adults who have less strength and younger players may try discs in the 150-165g range.Heavier discs have certain advantages but beginners should really keep away from them.


The disc plastic varies from one to the other. Higher graded plastic, of course, makes the disc much more quality. Beginners should simply go for lightweight cheap ones. They do not have to worry about disc quality much. But for professionals’ quality matters, they should look for flexibility, durability, and stability.

There are four types or ‘class’ of discs:

Distance Driver – It has a low profile and a pointed edge. In terms of control, it is the most challenging type of disc. However, they cover a great distance.

Fairway Driver – Appearance and feel are similar to distance drivers. However, these discs fly at slower speeds. Therefore, the disc is easier to control and has slightly shorter flights.

Mid-Range Driver – In terms of distance and speed, the status of this disc is just between the fairway driver and putt & approach. This disc is said to be the most versatile type.

Putt & Approach – Due to its high and blunt profile, this is the slowest and shortest flyer among the discs. The glide of these discs are great and the control is also superb for short drives.


How To Throw Golf Disc,Excellent Tips!


Best Golf Discs Reviews| Our Top Selections


1.Innova Disc Golf Set with 4 Discs and Starter Disc Golf Bag – DX Distance Driver, Fairway Driver, Mid-Range, Putter and Mini Marker Disc


The Innova Beginners Disc Golf is a very good starter set, which consists of 4 good quality discs to choose from. This basic set includes a fairway and distance driver, mid-range and putter.

The exciting part of Innova Beginners Disc Golf is, the set comes with a Disc Golf bag and a mini disc marker. As a starter, the package is a comprehensive one and enough to spend a good deal of time. Upgrade to advance level discs and/ bag when you’ve found real confidence with such a package.

The design of Innova Beginners Disc Golf serves the beginners greatly because its state of the art has been introduced bearing in mind the new users. Although some distance has been sacrificed to do so, you’ll find it just right when you’ve just started. Practice and become more accurate with less distance – is the major point when you start off!




  • DX Tee-Bird Fairway Driver, DX Valkyrie Distance Driver, DX ROC Mid-Range Driver, DX Aviar Putter
  • Special Edition **Stars** Logo Mini Disc.
  • Innova Starter Bag with Shoulder Strap and Bottle Holder
  • Disc weight is 150 to 180grams
  • Varied Disc Color


Pros & Cons

What we liked


  • A complete starter disc golf set Contains Mini Disc Special Edition **Stars** Logo
  • Includes INNOVA STARTER BAG, which has a capacity of a 6-10 disc with shoulder strap and bottle holder
  • DX PLASTIC featured discs. This provides an excellent grip in a variety of weather situations

What we didn’t like


  • The bag quality is not good


2.Light Up LED Disc Golf Kit – LED Discs & Lights for Basket – (Actual Basket Not Included) 


Light Up LED Disc Golf Kit is a product of GlowCity LLC. The company provides some very user-friendly and inventive LED Sports Products on the market. LED Disc Golf Basket Lights is one of those. GlowCity has a good history and reputation to stand by all of their products and earned good customer loyalty.

Imagine that your game of disc golf fun doesn’t end after sunset! You have the opportunity to enjoy even when the light is gone! Light Up LED Disc Golf Kit is meant for playing in the dark with some extra challenge and excitement. The good thing is its up to the mark weight. Moreover, it is waterproof. Each player could choose a different color and see their own status with a difference in the dark sky!




  • 2 LED Multi-Colored Basket Puck Lights with Velcro & Remotes
  • Putter, Mid-Range & Driver Discs – all officially weighted
  • On/Off Buttons on Each Disc with Color Rotation Option
  • Sure-Grip Material for an Unsurpassed Hold


Pros & Cons

What we liked


  • Color selection button & battery weight have been factored into these discs
  • Discs float and both discs and lights are water resistant
  • Basket lights and all batteries included for each disc
  • A unique gift item because of the LED lights

What we didn’t like


  • Actual Basket Not Included


3.Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set | 3 Disc Pro Pack Bundle + Bag | Disc Golf Set | Includes Distance Driver, Mid-Range and Putter | Frisbee Golf Set


If you have some experience of the disc game and want to upgrade gradually, this is a very appropriate golf disc set for you. Well known for its flexible plastic that allows some bending, Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set includes 3 discs —a driver, midrange and putter. In addition, you will have a bag to carry the discs. Game improvers are most welcome to pick this Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set and advance them right away!




  •    Includes 3 discs & a Shoulder bag  
  •    Includes Fairway Driver, Mid-Range and Putter
  •    Each disc weighs 172 grams
  •    Flexible plastic made


Pros & Cons

What we liked


  •    PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) approved
  •    Discs are accurate and flexible for starters plus improvement seekers
  •    Durable in quality

What we didn’t like


  • Water bottle holder in the bag starts ripping away soon


4.Kestrel Sports Disc Golf Pro Set Bundle | 3 Discs + Bag | Perfect Outdoor Games for Kids | Includes Fairway Driver, Mid-Range and Putter Outdoors Games | Ages 6+


Beginners who love challenges at the very startup should go for this Kestrel Sports Disc Golf Pro Set Bundle. It’s a bit heavy though for kids, as it says ages 6+, kids around 8 can play with fun. The set has been designed to improved accuracy and improve the skills.  

The disks feel great in the hand. Moreover, they have a perfect weight and they are made from high-quality material, which makes it the perfect starter pack. You have the set with the three primary discs that any player is going to need at any course: the driver, the mid-range and the putter.




  •    Includes 3 discs & a Shoulder bag  
  •    Includes Fairway Driver, Mid-Range and Putter
  •    Kid-friendly starter kit


Pros & Cons

What we liked


  • PDGA approved
  • Beginner to advance users can play
  • Includes kid-friendly starter kit

What we didn’t like


  • The fairway driver does not get up to the mark distance


5.Innova Disc Golf Starter Set – Colors May Vary 160-180g – DX Putter, Mid-Range, Driver

New players always look for brand golf discs which are very flexible and user-friendly. Yet another beginners choice is the Innova Disc Golf Starter Set. These discs are well known for their ‘precision moldness’, and they truly meet the demands of any shot regardless of the player’s level of skill.

Innova disc models in this set allow you to hit the course and play your best from the startup. Maintain your drives in the fairway, target reliable approaches, and go ahead making those center chain putts quite often.




  •    Disc weight is 160-180gram  
  •    Varied colors
  •    Special Edition **Stars** Logo Mini Disc


Pros & Cons

What we liked


  •    Perfect beginner set
  •    Ideal disc choices
  •    Special edition mini

What we didn’t like


  • Not for serious players


Maintenance Tips

Just wash the discs occasionally and keep the discs clean after you play. As golf discs are made of plastic, there is nothing much to worry about. Just don’t let your golf discs catch those permanent dust which would ultimately make it heavier and old sooner. Do clean the bag once a month at least.


In conclusion, we’d like to emphasis on the point that looks for your requirement. Most people play it for recreation. We’ve presented some excellent choices for the best disc golf discs for beginners. So for beginners, the deal has become comparatively much easier. There are also a great number of intermediate golf disc players. Along with newbie sets, our reviews comprise the best disc golf discs for intermediate players too. Intermediate players have developed some good techniques, because of their practice, but they have not yet mastered the game. However, intermediate players should carefully choose their discs and become very familiar with the jargons used in a game. Advanced and professional players play the game with consistent results. They are the ones who should really act as a critic in buying golf discs

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