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The Best Kick Scooter For Commuting, Reviews and Buying Guides


If you have to go a short distance of 1 to 3 kilometers every day then I think you should buy the best kick scooter for commuting. Certainly, for short distance transport, a kick scooter will be a great choice.

Most people don’t take other public transport as short distance transport for various reasons. Among them, traffic jam, time management, and cost are the major reasons.

From a college Student to an employee who needs to go up to 4 kilometers, a kick scooter would be the best possible way to go with. Why is this the best short distance transport? Well, there are many advantages of a kick scooter transport.

Comparison Table Of Best Commuter Scooter For Adults

  • XOOTR Adult Kick Scooter
  • QuickClick latch folding mechanism allows folding/unfolding in seconds. Adjustable handlebar, accommodates adults up to 6' 7".
  • The adjustable handle-bars fit adults of all heights and the sturdy construction ensures a perfect ride for adults weighing 800+ lbs.
  • 7.1 in diameter wheels are die-cast aluminum rims with our ultra-low-resistance polyurethane tire.
  • Item weight:4.9kg

  • HUDORA 230 Big Wheel Kick Scooter
  • Folding Adjustable Design - Easy folding option makes it convenient to store in-house or portable to carry in the subway.
  • 2 Big PU Wheels can take 265lbs Max Weight Limit
  • 1 front PU wheel of 9.1in (230mm), 1 rear PU wheel of 8.1in (205mm) and a large deck of 17.7*5.5 in.
  • Item weight:5kg

  • Razor A5 Lux Scooter
  • Easy to fold and carry with its patented folding system. Aircraft-grade aluminum t-tube and a wide deck comfortably supports riders.
  • Supports riders up to 220 lbs.
  • Extra-large 200 mm urethane wheels equipped.
  • Item weight:4.26 kg

 Why You Need Best Scooter For Commuting



Advantages of the best kick scooters  for adults commuting


  • The first point, I want to mention is its speed. its speed around 5 times faster than walking.
  •  Unlike bus and cars, you can ride a kick scooter in a narrow space or even on the footpath. So, you don’t have to face any traffic jam.
  • You can park it anywhere, even most of the time you don’t need to park it because you can fold it and put in a bag. It can save you enough time. You should keep in mind time is money.
  • A kick scooter doesn’t need any fuel, so it will save your money in that way too. 5. This is a fully eco-friendly transport

Why Smith Needed A Commuter Scooter Badly?

In real life, we face the problem as like as Sam Smith. Here is  Smith’s story. Every day Smith need to go to the office at 8 A.M. But on Sunday morning the sleep was too comfortable to wake up. When he woke up it was already 7.15 A.M.

He had an important meeting with his boss that day. He was too much rush but you will see when you are in the rush you will face many problems. Anyway, that day he missed the bus just for half a minute and again faced traffic jam. So, overall he was half an hour late.

The boss was very angry with him and he lost his job that day. But one kick scooter could save Smith’s job that day. His office distance was 4 kilometers from his home, so he could reach his office through a kick scooter in just 15 minutes.

Some young people can travel the whole day on a kick scooter. Most people can run 3 to 4 kilometer without getting any fatigue. So, for short travel every day people should buy a kick scooter without thinking for the second time.


Buying guide of best kick scooter for commuting.


Okay, now which kind of scooter would be the best for commuting? This is an important question because there are many types of scooters on the market. You should carefully choose the best one for you. Here I will share some important buying guidelines for you.


This is the board where you keep your feet. It is called deck. Every part of the scooter is connected to it. Usually, this is made of metals like titanium or aluminum. When you buy a scooter for commuting you should carefully see the size of the deck.

The width and length of the deck should be much more extended because a wider deck will allow both your feet to stand comfortably. Especially, when you have to ride regularly for minimum distance, you must give priority to a wider deck.


A very important part of the scooter are the wheels, because they take the whole pressure of the scooter and your body. All-time these wheels are in touch with the ground. You should check the durability and size of the wheels. The larger wheel the more durable and better they are for your commuting. We recommend choosing a wheel with a 200-millimeter diameter because it will be faster, long-lasting and comfortable than a narrow wheel.


Where you keep your hand while pushing the scooter is called handlebar. The height of the handlebar is crucial to keep balance properly. The standard and recommended height of the handlebar should be approximately 36 to 43 inches for an adult rider.

In the USA most young people are around 6 feet in height. So, if you use 36 inches handlebar it can reach the waist comfortably. There are many scooters on the market which are adjustable with the handlebar height, so you can adjust it according to your height.

Some handlebars have the brake which is important especially when you ride on a busy road. You can speed down or stop when you face any hazardous situation.

The Weight of the scooter

As you are going to use this scooter for commuting every day, the weight should be lighter. Because you have to carry it regularly. For the commuting scooter, the weight should not cross the limit of 10 to 12 pounds.

Kick Stand

When the purpose of a scooter is commuting, a kickstand is essential, because it will give you much more flexibility while parking. With a kickstand, you can park your kick scooter beside a bicycle.

Folding Option

I think it would be best to buy a foldable kick scooter for commuting. The reason behind is, you may not get a proper place to park your kick scooter. Even if you park a kick scooter it may be stolen. So, for the highest safety, you can just fold it and keep this in your backpack.


*Our Top 6 Best Scooters For Commuting*


Razor A5 Lux Scooter


Razor is one of the best brands in the kick scooter industry. Their popularity is because of their quality features. Razor A5 Lux fully designed for commuting. It has got a strong aluminum deck and handlebar. The aluminum quality is equal to air-craft which assure stability.

Razor A5 Lux Scooter is famous for its lightweight. The net weight is only 9.4 pounds. In spite of its lightweight, it has enough ability to endure up to 220 pounds.

Which is well more than enough. This is easily foldable like many other models or Razor scooter. It has got a back brake which is sufficient to speed down or stop the kick scooter.

Razor A5 Lux Scooter Reviews | Best Commuter Scooter


Razor A5 Lux Scooter has many positive reviews on Amazon. I want to mention here some customer reviews here. Please read, What some customers said in their words.

  1. Great Scooter!
  2. A5 Lux is a better Razor.
  3. So satisfied with the A5, I bought two!
  4. Perfect for kids and adults.




  •   The wheels are big enough to roll over any sort of surface consistently.
  •   Probably Razor A5 scooter is one of the most inexpensive commuting scooters in the market right now.
  •   It has three different colors: blue, pink and red.
  • Razor A5 Lux  has Adjustable handlebars and Easy to fold and carry




  • The width of a deck is little narrow



Fuzion Cityglide B200 Adult Kick Scooter w/ Handbrake – 220lb Weight Limit


Fuzion Cityglide B200 is a fantastic scooter with two brakes considered the best kick scooter for commuting. This awesome brake system gives you full control when you ride at high speed.

The entire scooter is made of very lightweight aluminum. Fuzion Cityglide got two big wheels with 200 mm diameter. The CityGlide is the ideal adult kick scooter which is designed for a quick trip or a speedy commute around town.

Fuzion Cityglide B200 Review From Customer

Here you can check what customer says, about Fuzion Cityglide B200 Review.

  1. Great Scooter!
  2. Perfect Fit
  3. Product meets and exceeds all expectations.
  4. So fun!!! perfect for Adults!!!



  • Eye-catching Black and midnight blue colorEye-catching Black and midnight blue color.
  • Effortlessly connected with handbrake and large back brake-giving two times the safe stopping power.
  • Excellent folding system for easy storage and carrying.
  • It has got an adjustable handlebar, so you can change it as per your heights.




  • The deck width is 4.5 inch, so you cannot put your feet alongside



Hudora 230 Big Wheel Kick Scooter for Teen Adult – 230MM & 205MM Wheel | Kick Scooters For Adults Commuting


Hudora is a German company. They bring quality scooter in the market. Hudora 230 Big Wheel is one of the best models they have invented so far. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. Which ensures the durability and lightweight.

You will have a steady ride that gives great balance and never gives you a chance to fall regardless of whether you are a novice. It has a GS (German safety) certification. So, Be 100% sure about their safety.

Hudora 230 Big has an adjustable handlebar which can be adjusted up to 41 inches. Surely this is more than enough for any tall person. On the reverse, the lowest handlebar height is 32.7 inches which is appropriate for any teenagers.



  • The Hudora 230 with big  230MM front wheel & 205MM  back wheel, which ensure safe and smooth riding.
  • Great aluminum deck with strengthened wings. This is fully reliable because of its German GS safety certification.
  • Completely foldable which allows you to put this even a backpack.
  • The width of the deck is really awesome 5.5 inches. So, you can put your 2 feet alongside.




  • The deck is little high off the ground.



Xootr Adult Kick Scooter, Xootr mg model


Xootr is the famous name of excellence and convenience in the world of scooters. In short, many people call it Xootr mg. They are most prominent because of their light weight and portability. The unique feature of Xootr is its Magnesium deck.

Patent pending QuickClick latch folding mechanism allows Xootr very quick folding/unfolding just in seconds. Another excellent feature of Xootr is its 7.4-inch deck width. I think this the highest deck width of any scooter I have seen which is most appropriate for the commuting scooter.


Xootr mg Reviews

Please check, what customer are saying on Xootr mg reviews.

    1. Scooters for Plus Sized people.
    2. Xootr LOVE!
    3. Having so much fun and feel very comfortable riding it
    4. Grown-up scooter.
    5. Five Stars



  • The adjustable handlebar, which allows adults up to 6′ 7″. Again7.4 inch Wide deck gives enough room for 2 adult feet. The adjustable handlebar, which allows adults up to 6′ 7″. Again7.4 inch Wide deck gives enough room for 2 adult feet.
  • Total weight is only 10.9 pounds, that’s why it is very comfortable to carry anywhere.
  • Though it’s very lightweight because of its high-quality material it can tolerate more than 220 pounds.
  • Awesome comfortable grips with conformal foam.
  • The handlebar is made of TIG-welded 4130 steel.
  • Xootr includes the rear fender/brake kit.




  • No variation in color.



Micro White & Black Adult Scooters


The classic black and white color have made this scooter unique. Anyone from teenagers to adults can run this scooter with the best comfort. The customizable handlebar goes up to 38 inches which is more than enough even for b-ball players. The weight limit is very high as well. A man up to 220 pounds can appreciate riding it.




  • It follows the Swiss design. Quality aluminum and other materials make for a smooth, quiet ride.
  • Its weight limit is more than 220 pound.
  • Micro Kickboard has got nice 200mm diameter Polyurethane wheels.
  • 26 – 38 inches from the deck can allow every people short to tall.
  • Completely ergonomically designed with a lower deck and higher T-bar to create a comfortable ride.




  • Deck size is little narrow, so you won’t be able to keep your both feet at the same time.



Exooter M2050WW 9XL Adult Cruiser Kick Scooter | Best Commuter Scooter


Exooter M2050ww is a perfect commuting scooter because of its sturdy build, clean design, and the latest technology. Again, like other scooters, it is also made of aluminum. It has the weight capacity up to 220 pounds which is good enough for anybody.

The front wheel’s diameter is 240 mm while the back one has 180 mm diameter. This clearly helps make the trip smoother as the front wheel can surface easily on harsh landscapes.



  •  M2050WW 9XL has a footbrake over the back wheel. In some cases handbrakes may come loose, so a footbrake is better.
  • Exooter M2050WW 9XL has a footbrake over the back wheel. In some cases handbrakes may come loose, so a footbrake is better. •
  • Weighing just 13.5 pounds.
  • The adjustable handlebar, which is fit for everybody.
  • 32-ounce bonus water bottle holder feature.
  • Very easy to fold. So, you can take it anywhere.




  • Only one color available



Final verdict:

In order to buy the best kick scooter for commuting you should go for something that is lightweight, high-quality durable materials, have the easiest folding option, brake system, and wide deck etc.

Especially when you intend to use it for going to college, university or office regularly than you have to consider carefully all of these features.

Obviously, your financial plan should be a thought too because the price range is quite wide. For everyday commuting, you don’t need to buy any trick scooters. The intelligent thing would be just to read all scooter reviews and then make the right decision comparing the product with your requirements.

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