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No doubt that, among the backyard playing tools and amusements, swing sets are a hot favorite. People are looking to make their backyard much more effective with the best metal swing set for their children.

If you have decided to get a backyard swing set for your children, that’s really a great idea! Your children’s best development in terms of strength, agility, and fun can grow no other way without a swing set. Your little one will have some great physical activity in nature with through the swing.

Of course, you do not want that your children spend time on video games and cell phones. On the other hand, it is important that your children regularly have some good amount of physical activity which finally results in better mental health too. A swing set is just the right choice in this regard! It keeps your child active by providing natural fun. Swing sets are also recommended by physicians with safety conditions. Modern swing sets consider safety with high priority. You just need to choose the right one for your child. There are certain things you need to look into.

We have done an extensive research for you. Choose from some best metal swing sets for your child! We have pinpointed the critical factors. All the swing sets we had chosen are easy to install, durable and quality products. With the best features, these swing sets have the best customer reviews.

 Heavy Duty Metal Swing Installation Tips


How To Choose The Best Metal Swing Set

You will always feel safe by keeping your children engaged in the backyard. Of course, there are many options. The best metal swing sets have been covered in our research. A backyard swing set is a perfect solution to your kids’ recreation, entertainment, and workout. It will allow your kids to refresh themselves, spend happy hours and above all, maintain a good health. Natural playing is what most kids miss today. A backyard swing set is just the right thing to provide them with natural entertainment. As you will not buy a swing set frequently, it is wise to make some research before getting one. It doesn’t matter whether it’s wooden or metal, at a discounted price or not, but it does matter whether it fulfills your fundamental requirements.

We’ve pinpointed the critical factors for you. Consider them carefully and get your best metal swing set.

What are the dimensions of the set?

If your backyard is very spacious, you can comfortably select a big swing set. So the set’s dimension is important. There are items or features which you might already have in your backyard. Modern swing sets have trampolines, barbecue, and many additional features. If you don’t require those, go for a unit that serves your needs.

It is better to measure the area where you are going to set it up. Children should have enough space around so that movement doesn’t get difficult. Keep the extra space for play and run for your kids.

What material is it made of?

Another aspect to look for is the material. After you’ve decided the size. Look for quality material. You have plastic, metal and also wooden swing sets. Among the metal swing sets, powder coated is the best. They will protect the unit from rust and other hazards. Among wood, cedar is better. Plastic swing sets are also good. Look for durable and quality plastic. Check the warranty, weather resistance capability to ensure good material.

What is the age range?

While buying a swing set, it is very important to see the age range. You are planning to buy a big thing, it’s going to be a family entertainment tool! Even if your kids will be playing you’d consider something that would last more. There are swing sets which are specially designed for toddlers too. Security and safety measures are directly related to age range the swing set offers. As for length, height, and weight matters a lot, you need to research this aspect well.

How is the overall construction & set-up?

A swing set is not a unit that can be quickly relocated. Its construction and set-up should be considered seriously. A play-set like this one should be protected from adverse weather. Many people consider freestanding sets because such sets require low maintenance. However, you might want to go for more features and there are, of course, big and multi-playing option sets, which are also very good. Just be sure of the quality construction and ‘not very hard to assemble’ swing set.

How much secured and safe is the playset?

Look into the safety features closely. It is a play set your children will be using for hours a day! It might not be possible for you to continuously observe your kids playing. Therefore, the little things like, how the fingers feel, how comfortable are the seats, and the grip of chains attached should be secured and safe for children. Look for international safety standards.

Best Metal Swing Sets | Our Top Selections


1.Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy Slide | Metal Swing Set With Monkey Bars


If you want to supply ceaseless joy to your children, the Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set is perfect. With great customer reviews and comments, this is a fantastic backyard kids-play solution. Nine feet wavy side, low maintenance, and 3-belt swing are the biggest attractions of this playing unit. Moreover, you don’t need any cement, it’s free standing!

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set gives your kids a jungle feeling in the backyard! All its features starting from swings to trapeze bar and slide would engage them totally captivated!

A very quality swing set that is made up of powder-coated galvanized steel. Moreover, it’s a high-density polyethylene. They are very smooth and robust to hold the kids safely and comfortably at playtime. As it is powder-coating, it is also weather and rust resistant. You don’t have to worry about crack, chip, or peel. Lifetime’s Swing Sets give you the guarantee regarding design and durability.




  • Fireman’s Pole
  • Wavy slide of 9-ft.
  • No Lead-Based Material
  • Rounded or Covered Hard Edges with Plastic Caps
  • 3 Belt Swings
  • Trapeze Bar with Gym Rings
  • Monkey Bars
  • Gym Rings
  • The total area of unit: 13.8′ W x 18.6′ D; Backed by a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty


Pros & Cons



  • A free-standing set; cement NOT required
  • Sturdy and color-sustaining because of UV-Resistant
  • Minimal maintenance – does not require any staining or painting
  • Withstands all-weather – No risk of crack, warp, rot, or splinter
  • Playground Performance and Safety Standards assured
  • Safety design: Swing chains have soft rubber grips and prevent pinch or snag
  • Well written instructions



  • Swings are close together


2.Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Playset, Freestanding | Three heavy-duty swings


Do you have a spacious backyard and thinking of swinging your kids most generously in a heavy set? Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Playset is for you! Your kids would love this clubhouse included swing set that features a 3-D climbing wall and 9’ wavy slide. Get them engaged right away with Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play.

Kids’ physical activity and the fun solution is easy with Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play.




  • It has a sturdy 3-D Climbing Wall
  • Swing Bar of A-Frame
  • With Cargo Net
  • Activity Chalkboard
  • Clubhouse that has a hardtop Roof
  • Wavy slide of 9-ft.
  • No Lead-Based Material
  • Ships Wheel and Binoculars
  • 1 Trapeze Bar and 2 Swings
  • Steering Wheel
  • Total area of unit is 13′ 11″ x 15′ 9″
  • A perfect swing set ladder


Pros & Cons



  • A solid play set for decades of use
  • A free-standing set; cement NOT required
  • Withstands all-weather – No risk of crack, warp, rot, or splinter
  • Safety design: Swing chains have soft rubber grips and prevent pinch or snag
  • Minimal maintenance – does not require any staining or painting
  • Playground Performance and Safety Standards assured
  • Sturdy and color-sustaining because of UV-Resistant
  • Multi activities for great fun with swings, wavy slider(9 foot), 1 trapeze bar, a climbing wall, cargo net, propeller swing, and an activity board.
  • Robust construction – made of high-density polyethylene and powder-coated steel. All these make it durable and highly weather-resistant.




  • The ladder is made of metal


3.Sportspower Super 8 Fun Metal Swing Set | Swing Sets For Older Kids


Do you need a total swing solution and a big fun set? Sportspower Super 8 Fun Metal Swing Set just has all that you need. Your children will never get sick and tired of this wonderful set. Imagine, 8 children can play together in this set! Yes, you need a medium or large backyard for it.

With swing, saucer, glider, slider, and rocking horse, what else do your children need! Moreover, the swing chains are adjustable – you can accommodate different heights. Everyone can enjoy a great happy time.

Sportspower Super 8 Fun Metal Swing Set supports kids up to 100 pounds each and up to 800 pounds total. The set is recommended for children between 3 to 8 years old. It measures 221″ Lx 102.25″W x 72.225″H after it’s assembled. All the components of this set are pre-drilled and it also supports anchoring set (this is not included). 2 adults recommended for assembling the set. Good news is that it comes with a 90-day limited warranty.




  • Set includes: 2 swing seats, 1 flying saucer, 1 glider, 1 slide, and 1 rocking horse for up to 8 children at once
  • 2-Person flying saucer lets kids lie down and swing at the same time, while all swing chains are adjustable chains for optimal experience
  • Made from 2-inch heavy duty weather-resistant steel tubes; the hardware is made of a powder-coated paint finish for more durability
  • Meets or surpasses ASTM safety standards; supports an anchoring set for added stability (it’s not included); pre-drilled components for assembly
  • Measures 221″ L x 102.25″W x 72.225″H and supports kids weighing up to 100 lbs. each, up to 800 lbs. total


Pros & Cons



  • Support total 800 lbs
  • Assemble time is very short, only 150 minutes
  • Two custom swings included
  • 8 children can use at once
  • Steel tubes are weather-resistant
  • Superior in durability for quality-built
  • Several options of slider, glider, saucer and rocking horse
  • A perfect swing sets for older kids



  • Some plastic parts are thin


4.IRONKIDS Premier 100 Fitness Playground Blue


Parents think about their kids’ fun and fitness together. If they are up to choosing a swing set, they carefully look into the features – what are the fun and fitness sources. With an arch built construction, IRONKIDS Premier 100 Fitness features a 2-inch tubular steel frame and a 42-inch Fitness Jumper Trampoline. The fitness jumper trampoline provides a feeling of balance and space. This is useful for full body coordination. Every mom and dad are concerned about their kids’ legs, knees and hamstring muscles. This play-unit fills up this desire of keeping your kids fit and tight!

IRONKIDS Premier 100 Fitness Playground Blue is a superb swing set that can withstand up to 100lbs. This set includes a safety handlebar. It has 2 Swings with contoured plastic seats. Swing chains are thick plastic covered that protects your kids’ hand. You have Monkey Bar and Fitness Slide, both are made of plastic from tough Poly Propylene. Moreover, it’s UV treated with added antifreeze protection. The sunshade offers some UV sun protection – this protects your kids while they’re playing.




  • A frame of 2-inch powder coated tubular steel
  • The support frame has limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Stability and security measures with ‘Steel Corkscrew Shaped Ground Stakes’
  • ‘Arch Built’ that is U shaped supports it by preventing movement during use
  • Dimensions: 13.5 Feet L x 6.5 Feet W (10.3 Feet with slide) x 6.4 Feet H (8 Feet with sun shade); Weight – 100 pounds


Pros & Cons



  • The set has 2 Swings with contoured plastic seats; swing chains are thick plastic covered for extra hand protection.
  • Made of sturdy Poly Propylene plastic, UV treated with additional antifreeze protection for any threat of weather conditions. Rolled upsides for hand protection.
  • Monkey Bar that builds a child’s self-reliance. It also ensures arm strength; it helps to hold back excess weight through exercise.
  • Additional Sunshade for UV sun protection while your kids are playing.
  • Ground anchors are corkscrew shaped for preventing any unsafe or unstable movement.
  • 42″Fitness Jumper Trampoline for best muscle activities of your child




  • The plastic seats of the swings are hard


5.Movement God Metal A-Frame Two Seat Swing Set | swing set for teenager


If you want only your kids to swing for fun, here’s a basic swing set for your backyard. Movement God Metal A-Frame is very simple that has 2 belt swings. When people are renting a house and therefore, doesn’t think of any long-term stay, they invest less. For the price, this two-seat swing set is great.

Many moms and dads will want to engage their kids for a certain period. Their focus is on their child’s enjoyable swing for an hour. They don’t want to expend the extra bucks for parent-swing, neither do they want a slider for their kid. In that case, Movement God Metal A-Frame should be the choice.





  • No cement needed, a free-standing set
  • Can withstand all-weather
  • Playground performance and safety standards assured
  • Maximum per user weight: 100 lbs
  • Dimensions: 102″(W) x 74″(D) x 71″(H)
  • 2-year warranty


Pros & Cons



  • Steel pole construction that is safe and strong
  • Durable and smooth design: Brackets with 2-way steel end supports for an effortless swing
  • Hassle free because of free standing
  • Preserves strength and color for being UV-Resistant
  • Minimal maintenance




  • The seats are rigid



Maintenance Tips For Best Metal Swing Set


Maintenance and care will dramatically give your swing set a better-longer.  In case of caring valuable things, it is always better to take preventive measures before any issues arise.

Regular Stain and Seal

Regular staining and sealing is a very important and beneficial task to protect your backyard playground. The harsher the weather of your area, the more frequent staining and sealing are required. Generally, if you stain and seal a couple of times in a year, it is okay.

Check the hardware

Do this quite often! Do not ignore. It’s your children who are going to handle it most of the time. They are very innocent and very ignorant too. It is not impossible that an issue would surprisingly arrive. However, a regular hardware check will take good care of it.

Clean the set and replace parts

Keep your playground clean. There will be parts which can be replaced if you notice some worn-out or torn-out issues. Contact your manufacturer and have a replacement screw, poles or chains if required.

Inspect the ground

Long years of a swing set’s use require some inspection of the surface and ground as well. Your swing set already has extra safety and padding. You just check the bottom part that it is attached to the ground rightly and has no risk issues there.

Contact your manufacturer

For any confusion or query, it is wise to contact your manufacturer and take their expert advice.

Some Common FAQs About Best Metal Swing Set


What features are most important while choosing the best metal swing set for my family?

Dimensions, height, comfort, safety, construction, and durability are the most important features.

 Is there any age restriction to use and/ play on a swing set?

Yes, the respective manufacturers state it clearly.

Do I need a level area to set up the swing set?

Yes, to confirm stability and comfortable use, this is important. Do level your backyard because it is also safe for your children’s play.

What will be the price for a swing set?

There are varied play sets with varied features. These swing sets range from $150 – $2,000; it all depends on what features they offer, how big they are and what is the overall quality.

Does a swing set have any guarantee?

Most companies provide a guarantee. However, the guarantee various from one product to another. Best is to check the conditions before you buy.

How long will a swing set last?

For a standard swing set, you can expect at least 15 years, if well maintained.

What’s the age restriction for children to use standard swing sets?

Usually 3 to 12. For particular information, please check what the manufacturer says.


Final Verdict

By now, you must be well confident to get the best metal swing set!

A swing set is a for your children’s long-term development. It is not something you would buy frequently. Therefore, make sure you had followed the descriptions, features, pros, and cons carefully. The key decision considerations are simple. Safety, quality, and budget have to match. With all these factors, don’t forget, your kids need to enjoy with the whole experience!

You should narrow down by asking yourself how much space you have, how many kids would play together, what are the other particular considerations for placing the set at your backyard? Customers who had carefully considered these, have just cut off any risk. They are already proud and happy owners of a wonderful swing set for their children!

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