Best ride on cars for toddlers

Best Ride On Cars For Toddlers (Reviews & Buying Guides 2019)


Ever thought of Power Wheels or Powered Ride On Toy for your toddler to enjoy? The best ride-on cars for toddlers are really thrilling and fun toy for today’s kids.  There are several miniature popular brands already on the market. You have a great many options in design too. Vehicles come as cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, etc.

Therefore, to assist you in buying a powered ride-on for your little one, we have an easy buying guide with a simple approach.  Just read on to pick the best ride-on power toy that would satisfy both you and your child.

Electric ride-on toys have been designed for kids aged somewhere from 1 to 8+ years old. They look amazingly realistic and can come with a variety of different features.  A modern and best ride on car for toddlers has as many as operations, controls, and options quite similar to real-world cars, of course, they are not fuel or gas-operated or they do not possess the speed, capacity, and complexity. However, the look and feel, experience and enjoyment would make your little one marvel.

This article provides you with some insight into which electric ride-on toys are the best for your kids, what great features they have and what things should be considered for a winning purchase.

 Battery Powered Toddler Car For Outdoor Fun!


Buying Guide For Best Ride On Cars For Toddlers


Among many grown-ups today, when we were kids, we that wished and dreamt of driving our own car! We weren’t that lucky as our kids are. They have those dreams ‘TRUE’ in their time – in the present era. Our toddlers ride electric ride on cars with quite a lot of real-life feeling and great fun!

As a parent, you are also searching the best ride on an electric car for your cutie, sweetie kid. Just read on and relax. We have some simple and great guidelines so that you don’t miss to choose the best for you!

First, you should understand what Power Wheels or Electric Cars for Kids are. As the name says it pretty much, these are just so. They are toys which resemble miniature versions of cars, jeeps, and trucks. These little vehicles look and drive just like those adults ones, except they are battery powered and have a limited speed, most often about 6 mph, or less. Good news is, most kid-cars have an automatic brake that will stop the vehicle in case of adverse situations and you also have parental control.

As mentioned earlier, when you start exploring these and searching for the best ride on cars especially for your kids – varieties of models and several features are there! Starting from the color, style, design, battery and sound your mind will certainly pop-up questions on security, longevity and the coolest features. You are lucky enough that we have undergone an extensive research for you and just patiently read on to pick the best for your little one.

A simple question to start with is, what sort of electric car is right for your child?

To narrow down the search and ignore things to consider less, determine the design that is appropriate for your child’s age. Right after that, at the second step, see the security and safety features. The common mistakes people make in buying these kids car are, they look for more features and good models in the first place. While having more features and brand value is important, how suitable and easy handling is the vehicle – this needs to be addressed at first. Not only age, but your child’s height and weight is to be considered in advanced because the little vehicle might be very attractive and quality, but your child might not be comfortable sitting inside it!  So when you see the reviews and do research, please do not do it roughly.

To be frank and honest, our first and foremost suggestion is that do not set your mind to buy the electric toy on basis of your like or reviewers like mainly, the basis is your very little sweet child. Depending on their age and size look for the model, consider something that best fits them and makes them comfortable. If you see a model that matches your kid’s age, get a bit deep into the features. Start making queries to the seller/manufacturer if necessary. Through getting and gathering the information about the product, you will not only feel the relief in spending money, but your child will also get the most from the toy.

We have pinpointed some factors to guide you in buying the best ride on car for toddlers. We do not claim these to be perfect but trust us, we have considered the most important things!

Accessories and Options

Look for the most accessories. Your child will NOT be satisfied only to ride! They will look for functionalities. Starting from headlights and sound system, you may require to look for an SUV – sports utility vehicle – so that your little one’s driving experience doesn’t miss any point! You will probably not frequently purchase an electric ride on, so why go for something without more accessories? Look that the vehicle has seat belts, multiple gears, gradual acceleration, forward and reverse options.

Battery Life & Speed

Recent powered ride-on cars have powerful batteries for long-time speedy-playing. If you buy less powered cars, they generally are the 6 Volt battery. We suggest that you go for big batteries with 12 Volt, 10 AMP.

Choose the ride-on cars which have Multiple Speed Options. Go for cars that offer 2 or 3 different gears or speed options. More gear options give the riders a ‘real-driving like’ experience.

Comfort and Safety

This is without a doubt that there shouldn’t be any compromise with comfort and safety. Ensure that the ride-on supports maximum options for your child’s comfort and safety.  Look for parental control systems which are great roadside assistance in case any situation arises. Of course, kids will be tending to take the maximum risk and enjoy adventure and thrill. It is you, who should be careful enough about the operation and control. With parental control, you have wireless controllers that allow you to take full control of the ride-on.

Size & Style

Do not make a haste to choose the right size and style of your kid’s car. Your kid needs to fit in the car rightly and also the size of the vehicle should be appropriate for balance and control. Many customer reviews show that the ride-on is good but the size is odd for a too small or a too big toddler.

You have a great many styles of electric vehicles. If the father is driving a jeep the kid’s tendency would probably not be a Mercedes style car!  Little grown-up kids might be given some independence to choose what sort of car they like to avoid any ‘choice-risk’.

Best Ride On Cars For Toddlers | Our Top Selections


1.Power Wheels Tough Talking Jeep Wrangler | Electric Cars For Kids Age 10 And Up


Is your toddler excited to become a road cruiser and you are also promising to meet his/her dream come true?  Here are the right Power Wheels vehicles with many options and ways to ride that would empower them to hit the road! At Fisher-Price Play Lab, children are put on these vehicles to the test. So relax and feel good by giving your kid the independent-thrill of driving their own ride-on car. These electric cars are strongly built, riding is fun for hours. Toddlers and grown-ups would love it’s adventure while driving at backyard!

Jeep Wrangler is a wonderful ride-on experience for your kid. Its awesome sound effects and tough-talking microphone gives a real feeling of a ride! It is because of its style, super cool flame graphics, and a roomy rear storage area to haul around all their gear, Jeep Wrangler gives all the fun your child needs to image their own jeep-riding adventures. Moreover, it has a spacious passenger seat. A sibling or a friend could accompany them in the ride!

Tough Talking Jeep Wrangler is a battery-powered ride-on, which features smooth contours and rounded edges inside for extra protection for your little driver. You have the high-speed lock-out. This lets your child’s lead foot in check until they’re prepared to control a higher speed. The toy has a specially designed Power-Lock brake system; it automatically terminates when kids take their foot off the pedal.

The ride-on has two forward drive speeds – 2.5 or 5 mph. In addition, it has a reverse option. These options enable it to cruise over grass and hard surfaces. You are nowhere put into risk with your child, the ride-on has many power lock brakes and parent-controlled locks at high speed.




  • Jeep Wrangler style is realistic with great graphics of flame
  • A tough Talking microphone that has a voice-amplifying speaker and charming sound effects
  • Pretentious radio with real vehicle sound
  • Spacious area for rear storage
  • Drive speed is maximum 2.5 and 5 mph forward and maximum 2.5 mph for reverse


Pros & Cons



  • Power Wheels
  • Power Lock Brakes
  • For beginner kids, there is a high-speed lockout for parent-control
  • The microphone is Tough Talking with voice-amplifying speaker amusing sound effects
  • Two seats with a maximum weight of 130 lbs
  • Sturdy built



  • Wheels are hard plastic, NOT rubber


2. Razor Dune Buggy | Battery Powered Toddler Car


Want to give a big some big entertainment to your child? Your little one will enjoy the off-road experience with Razor dune buggy. This electric-powered ride-on is a perfect backcountry cruising. The buggy is assembled with a motor of 350-watt – powerful – and reaches a speed of up to 9 miles per hour. If your kid likes speed, the buggy has it and if your kid isn’t habituated to speed the buggy can move slowly enough for safety.

The buggy has a roll cage on the side. This relieves the parents about their child’s security.  Moreover, you have a padded bucket seat and that includes a seatbelt. This is an ‘add-on security’. With buggy’s reduction drive which has been specially designed for the vehicle to enable it of both lower torque climbing and high torque gearing – is a great feature. However, the best feature is the fully electric design of the toy – non-fuel, easy-to-charge and quiet operation.

Other accessories with the buggy are 8-inch knobby pneumatic tires, an active rear suspension, a tubular steel frame – durable – with diamond-plate floorboards. Also, you have a hand throttle and brake controls, a rear disc brake, and a safety flag. This ride-on is very ideal for tough tracks and terrain, it supports up to 120 lbs of weight. The buggy is suitable for ages 8 and higher.




  • Electric motor with 350-watt
  • The speed limit is 10 mph; tires are 8-inch knobby pneumatic
  • The tubular steel frame that is quite durable
  • Hand throttle and brake controls
  • Can carry 120 lbs driver weight; for 8 years old and higher
  • Bucket seats plus seatbelt
  • Safety flag


Pros & Cons



  • 9 mph speed limit
  • 40 minutes of continuous use possible
  • Acceleration control with thumb trigger
  • Includes safety flag
  • Chain driven motor with variable speed
  • Rear disc brake that is hand operated
  • Protective padding



  • The seat belt does not go tighter enough to fit little children as a 6-year-old


3.Carbon Black SLS AMG Mercedes Benz Car For Kids | Best Ride On Cars 12V,2 Seater Ride On Car With Parental Remote Control!


Mercedes Benz Car For Kids is absolutely cool for a ‘real driving feel’. If you want something for your kid about which most buyers have expressed ‘beyond expectation’ feeling – this is a product!

The car is decked out in lights almost everywhere, sharp and it’s pretty sturdy and well built.

Make your kid enjoy with this best freaking toy which is very easy to assemble, great tires, hooking up battery and drives pretty fast. You have the parental remote control which really a cool option.




  • Ride-on for kids of 2-6 years
  • Built-in MP3 Player, files could be played from Micro SD card/USB Flash Drive
  • Rider Weight is maximum 66 lb
  • The seating area is quite wide and for a single rider
  • Safety Seat Belt
  • Maximum speed 3-5 Mph
  • LED Headlights/Fog Lights/Tail Lights – realistic working imitation
  • Rubber traction bands attached to the wheels
  • Can ride up to 1.5 hrs in one battery charge


Pros & Cons



  • Very nice car. Built very durable
  • The MP4 player is amazing
  • Steering wheel controlled horn and sounds
  • Gradual acceleration with the electric brake system and soft start
  • Smart battery charging technology: prevents overcharging automatically
  • Advanced security with parental remote control
  • Seat belt for safety
  • High performance with 2 motors and 2 speeds.




  • Car design is good but made of  plastic


4.Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV, Green


There are kids today who love matured toys and not the common ones who get satisfied easily. If your kid is looking for serious toys that give a real-life feeling, the John Deere Adventure Trailer is a perfect choice! They will be excited to attach a ride-on the John Deere Gator XUV. It has a locking hitch pin and with the John Deere Adventure Trailer, it is extremely fun to load up and drop off!

The good news behind Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV is not limited, this is a great fun ride-on! It hauls toys, leaves, and much more! Two riders can take ride together. Little ones will love to tour around the yard.

Do not wait to buy this amazing rider right now!




  • Accelerator pedal
  • Automatic brakes
  • Adjustable seat for growing kids
  • Free two years warranty


Pros & Cons



  • Wheels are rugged and durable
  • The hauling capacity that is extra large
  • Locking Hitchpin
  • 66 lbs of weight capacity




  • Ideal for the city


5.Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler | Car For Kids to drive


For the little ones who like grown-up acting, Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler is just perfect. With favorite Frozen characters, this is a very stylish little ride-on which supersedes many similar toys. Kids will be thrilled and mesmerized with this wonder play-machine.

Fun and comfort increase with a rear storage area that stows travel gear and your kid has a room for a friend to take as a passenger.  It can take a maximum weight of 130 lb. Look into all its incredible features that will bound to make your little one a happy owner of this ride-on.

Durability and safety is Power Wheels Disney’s remarkable feature. With Fisher-Price robustness, this Jeep Wrangler has a sturdy steel frame. For additional safety, the ride-on’s interior has smooth contours and rounded edges that protect against cuts and scratches.


Disney Frozen Jeep is meant to build self-confidence on basic cause and effect understanding, because they start it with power, cause it to move forward or go back and stop. On the other hand, it provides your child with fun and adventure at leisure. Driving skills, fun and play develops a standard pass-time altogether.






  • 1/3 H.P. motor
  • 1-1/2″ NPT Discharge & Passes 2″ spherical solids
  • Non-clogging vortex impeller design
  • Durable cast iron switch case, motor, and pump housing
  • Automatic with float activated switch


Pros & Cons



  • Very easy installation
  •  Durable construction, powerful and pretty quiet.
  •  It could run around 10-12 hours a day
  • It includes a complete inventory of parts, which enables you to rebuild the whole pump
  •  The pump also comes with a 3-year warranty




  • The range on the float is not adjustable and far too short for your average sump pit


Maintenance Tips For Best Ride On Cars For Toddlers

Your kid will mostly use, handle and play with an electric car or ride-on. They have almost no sense of caring the tools by themselves. They will rather abruptly enjoy the playtime and after that, they forget caring their property. As a bit expensive toy and also for ensuring your kids safety and security you need to pay attention to the ride-on – if not often – at some regular intervals.

Electric ride-on cars are mostly operated with rechargeable batteries. These batteries need some special attention. Battery issues should not be neglected. Check out that your kid does not start-off driving with a half-charged battery. Children will always be impatient and excited to use it continuously, but you have to be careful regarding the machine’s health for your child’s security and safety. Check the batteries regularly and keep the battery compartment clean. Do not let dirt or mud get stuck over there.

Regularly inspect the electric motor that is the most component. See whether it is getting overheated or its cables or connectors are all right or not.

In regards to any query on safety and maintenance, we highly recommend that you visit the manufacturer’s website. Look into detail product information and the actions advised in case of any issues. Primary troubleshooting will be pretty handy and easier if you go their instructions.

Keep the product manuals in your and family’s reach. These are good companions when something surprises you. Often they are available for downloading from the manufacturer’s website too.

Do not let your kid go anywhere with it! These are mainly fun toys. Experimenting them in jungles, near swimming-pools and rough places could put ourselves at risk. Just guide your kid to play in the yard, spacious free area and in a surrounded field.

Final Verdict

Which is the best ride on car for toddlers – especially for your little one? After carefully looking into the details and considering the facts discussed in our buying guide and best product features, by now you should be quite confident which ride-on vehicle is best for your child.

The products we have presented here are really the coolest in features, excellent brands and above all, with great customer reviews. So move ahead confidently!

Unlike all kids, your one also loves riding and driving. Almost all parents experience the feeling that their kids mimic the riding and driving as if they were very skilled drivers on the road. Their ultimate desire and dream can no other way be fulfilled except a power ride-on!  After you already have the clear idea which thing is the best for your child, you can now select a real-looking car or vehicle for her.  The best thing with these power toys is that they inculcate good logical understanding in your kid. The playtime also becomes a learning time without any stress but rather with fun and enjoyment that you’d always wish for. With these ride-ons, fun, game, skill-building, training all mixes and gives a superb blend of natural development.  So do not hesitate and choose your kid’s best ride-on car and give them a big surprise!

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