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Best Room Heater Reviews & Buying Guides (2019)


So you have decided to get the best room heater for you! Your desire is to add style and elegance to your home and at the same time fulfill a requirement that is not a luxury. Believe it, it is a need in winter – you require to heat your room. You are at the right place to select the best room heater!  You’d like to buy either a space heater or wiser would be to get an electric fireplace. Of course, it’s easy to have one electric fireplace.

However, with a variety of these home appliances available today, it is a bit difficult task to choose the best electric fireplace that would serve your needs. But we have eased your task! Keep on reading. You have a simple yet informative buying guide ahead. Our great electric fireplace selection and reviews will make your life easier. We hope that the best model will be in your hands and ultimately giving you the best service this winter. Our guidelines for the heating appliances will relieve you from any big confusion and you will get what you are looking for just when the article is finished reading!

History Of Electric Fireplaces

Electricity has become gradually common only after the 1920s. Families relied on fireplaces and room heaters to keep warm in the winter. American homes had fireplaces as a winter solution and also a source of beauty. Family and friends used to gather around the fireplaces with a nostalgic mood and spent long hours. Therefore, it was a source of abundant refreshment too. However, today electric fireplaces have replaced those old systems. The houses built after the 1950s didn’t have fireplaces. With the increase of electricity supply, electric fireplaces have become popular and suitable for the homes, which have provided families with modern heating solutions.

People have turned to electric fireplaces because they are less costly and energy efficient. Moreover, they are much safer and their maintenance quite easier.

 How to Build an Electric Fireplace TV Combo stone wall


How To Choose A Best Room Heater


As the best room heaters today, electric fireplaces are most favorite, effective and efficient. Know their major benefits and uses to select your unit.

Some Common FAQs About An Electric Fireplace

Is there any vent required for an electric fireplace?

The best thing about electric fireplace is that you do not need any ventilation. You are completely free from the hassle of chimney and vent. These are great electricity operated home appliances that do not produce any fire or smoke. The cost and safety reduce dramatically for these reasons. In addition, the installation of such a unit is very easy.

Does an electric fireplace create a real flame?

LED lights create the flames and the flame is, therefore, not real. However, it looks realistic.

Mirror elements and LED lights represent a wonderful look of fire-flames. This technology consumes less energy too. Moreover, the good news is, it doesn’t require any replacement with a time of 50,000 serving hours.

The more décor you prefer with electric fireplaces, the more you should focus on the look and feel. Look for multicolor flames.

What are the heating options in an electric fireplace?

Modern electric fireplaces have several options in regards to heating. The flames can be operated without any heat production. You can use it only as a show-piece for your living room!

Fireplaces with heaters have high, medium and low heating options. They also have the no-heat option. Many electric fireplaces have a thermostat that can help maintain your room temperature to where it is set.

How much space will an electric fireplace heat?

Usually, electric fireplaces provide heating services for spaces from 400 sq.ft to 1000 sq.ft

What are the electric requirements?

Almost all the models can be simply plugged into a standard outlet. Just be sure that the outlet uses a dedicated fuse or circuit breaker, i.e. it is not shared by any other outlet.

Your electric fireplace should not be plugged into an extension cord.

Use a new circuit breaker and wiring if your electric fireplace is a built-in model that requires to be hardwired. In such a case, hiring a licensed electrician is highly recommended.

As this is an electrical equipment, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions which have been provided in the product manual.

Basic Features of an electric fireplace

A modern electric fireplace comprises several important and useful features. The most basic and important ones are as follows:

  •  Does it have a remote control to operate? This makes your life extremely easy for controlling heat as well as flame.
  •  Look for touch screen panel for all functions to control.
  •  Does the unit has a sleep timer? It is necessary for setting the duration of the heat and flames
  •  See the flame – how they visually look and their options for beauty and change
  •  For additional ambiance check if the fireplace has multicolor backlights.
  • Look how much space does it ultimately heat.


Best Room Heater On The Market | Our Top Selections


1.PuraFlame Alice 60″ Recessed Electric Fireplace, Wall Mounted for 2 X 6 Stud, Log Set & Crystal, 1500W Heater, Black


If you want something to add to your décor with elegant fire, PuraFlame In-Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace with energy-saving LED is the right choice. If you are looking for an ideal and modern heating system for your bedroom or family room, you can simply go for PuraFlame. With touchscreen buttons and excellent features, PuraFlame provides you with ultimate comfort and relaxation.

With ultra-high intensity LED lights not only you get bright and realistic flame effect, in total there are 4 different flame settings, which cater to your desired ambiance

PuraFlame Electric Fireplace has a flame effect that looks realistic, especially because the fire has an intensity and brightness that is changing.

PuraFlame installation is also very easy and setup is very safe and clean. Best is that the accurate temperature control is possible that make your room cozy.




  • Made of Metal and Tempered Glass
  • Input Voltage is 110V and Frequency is 60Hz
  • It has 4 settings Flame Colors: yellow with a little bit blue low brightness, yellow, yellow with a little bit blue brightness, blue
  • There are total 14 settings of Ember Bed Colors with 13 colors and a color-cycle setting
  • CSA approved
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Box Includes: firebox(1), glass panel(1), remote control(1), owner’s manual(1), crystal stones set(1), log set(1)


Pros & Cons



  • You don’t need any gas or oil
  • It doesn’t create any smoke
  • Slim remote control
  • Touch screen control panel enables a unique user experience.
  • A power cord of 1.8 meters length
  • 4 different flame-settings in total



  • Less height variation in the flames


2.Valuxhome Armanni 36″ 750W/1500W, in-Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace Heater w/Logset, Crystals & Remote Control


If you want an electric fireplace like ‘super realistic flame effect’ are super realistic, you can just go for Valuxhome Armanni, which really has a mind blogging interior design. Flame colors are changeable up to 3 various levels. The good news, in addition, is, you could just turn it on for an aesthetic look! It has front panel-touchscreen controls and an LCD display right there to show up temperature and important parameters.

For safety measures, Valuxhome Armanni’s electric fireplace has auto-overheat protection. And of course, you have the remote control which enables you to operate it from a distance. A long duration of 1 to 9 hours programmable time is also great.

This superb fireplace insert has a capability to heat up 450 square feet of area. Moreover, there are two heat settings. With its energy-saving LED technology, and there is no requirement of gas or type of special air vent. The tempered glass of Valuxhome Armanni is thick and strong, quite suitable for your home or office that creates a wonderful ambiance in the room. Automatic shut-off is a great feature when an unsafe temperature is reached.




  • Item weight is 51.2 pounds
  • LCD display and Touch screen panel.
  • Auto over-heat protection switch for safety.
  • Setting includes two heat options.
  • Gel cans, gas, propane or ethanol – not required.
  • It is a 110-120 volts unit
  • Dimensions: 36″ L X 5.5″ W X 21.65″ H


Pros & Cons



  • Ultra-realistic flame
  • Spectacular classical design
  • Flame effects of logs/crystals in 3 different colors
  • You don’t need any gas or ethanol or propane or gel cans
  • You don’t need any air vents or chimney
  • Energy saving LED technology



  • Installation instructions are poor


3.Aspen Free Standing Electric Fireplace Stove – 22 Inch Portable Electric Vintage Fireplace with Realistic Fire and Logs. Adjustable 1500W 400 Square Feet Space Heater Fan (Winter White)


If you’d like to own an electric fireplace which has an astonishing real flame effect get the Aspen Free Standing Electric Fireplace!  It’s portable, it’s powerful and it’s wonderful. Only flame-on the piece of thing for the ambiance if you don’t require the heat. The heater is also great because you have adjustable 1500W 400 square feet space heater fan. On the top of all, this marvelous electric fireplace is portable as said, which allows you to move it around easily when you shift or go at a spot.

Aspen’s design is elegant and polished. Its construction is very lightweight and portability is indeed very easy – you can move it from one room to the other very easily. Aspen’s unit doesn’t heat up, it stays cool. If you are planning to get a heating system for any area or room of your house, you have a one-stop solution with Aspen. Even tested on all floors, it’s been great – it’s safe everywhere.

With the function of a quiet fan-forced heater, the room temperature raises quick but very easily adjustable when reaches the desired point.

Aspen Free Standing Electric Fireplace Stove is compact in design. It is just the perfect unit for all indoor places.




  • Product Dimensions 15 x 22 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight 14.5 pounds
  • For easy maintenance and replacement, this unit has 40-watt bulbs (2)
  • You’ll get a 6-ft. long cord, which ensures placement where you choose; just plug into a standard household outlet.
  • This fireplace provides supplementary heat for up to 400 sq. ft. with 5115 BTUs
  • Two heat setting options and quick heating system.


Pros & Cons



  • Safety protection includes automatic shut-off
  • Has a functional surface so that you can place some accent pieces
  • Quite less energy consuming comparing to gas and reduces electricity bill
  • This unit provides supplemental heat for up to 400 sq. ft.
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Flame effect with the no-heat option for rich visual enjoyment year-round




  •  The construction is plastic


4.Regal Flame Broadway 35″ Pebble Ventless Heater Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Better than Wood Fireplaces, Gas Logs, Fireplace Inserts, Log Sets, Gas Fireplaces, Space Heaters, Propane


Want to add a focal point to any room at a touch of a button in your home or office? The Broadway electric pebble wall mounted fireplace is the best. This smokeless and odorless fireplace is a great heating solution for the coming winter. This stylish, bold and black curved electric fireplace has useful three settings: low, high and no heat at all – there is the flame effect for all three. This is a modern magnificent electric fireplace and does not require ethanol, gas or wood. So there is no need of a firewood log carrier, firewood rack or any such arrangements.

The Broadway electric pebble wall mounted fireplace can be used outdoors with protection from the rain of course, which works as a fire pit for ambiance – completely smoke-free, wood-free. You should not hesitate to buy this electric eco-friendly, economical and ventless fireplace that functions at a standard outlet of 110 volts.




  • This wall mounted electric fireplace is ventless and smokeless
  • Operates with or without heat; ‘only flame effect option’ when at without heat
  • Hardware for wall mount included
  • A remote control for operating the flame and heat
  • It has a fan-forced heater that is powerful
  • Fully vent-free and wall mount electric heater
  • Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 35.4 x 22 inches; Weight: 26.5 pounds


Pros & Cons



  • It has realistic flames that are set in a pile of faux pebbles
  • 3 heat settings: high, low and no heat.
  • Weight is 26.5 pounds only
  • Very easy to install
  • An elegant looking fireplace meant for your home décor
  • Has the dual-mode feature and you can operate it with or without heat
  • CEL Certified fireplace




  • An additional $45 needs to be paid for being UL approved


5.KUPPET YA-300 28.5″ Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Freestanding Heater with Remote Glass View Log Flame, 750W(Low Heat) / 1500W(High Heat), Black | Cheapest Electric Heater To Run


If you want to feel cozy and warm with an electric fireplace that is energy efficient, patented with 3D technology – Kuppet YA-300 has been designed for you. Of course, no-emission and also safe for home and office, Kuppet YA-300 is metal-finished, robust, streamlined with black coating to the borders.

Kuppet has been incorporated with two heat settings that give you more control over it. Heat is distributed with an in-built power range between 750 and 1500 watts for low and high heat respectively, and the input frequency of 60 Hz. This unit gives you the heating service with no gas, no smoke, and no odor. You do not have to worry about fire pit or such hassles. As it is electric powered the use is very simple. Moreover, the overheating protection option is available which turns the device automatically off.

This electric fireplace is cool in assembly. Right after your purchase you’ll receive it fully assembled! Just set it up or mount it wherever you desire to. You’ll get more than 10 screws for a wall-setup – so nothing to worry at all!





  • 3D Patented Flame Technology
  • A complete functioning remote control
  • Installation is easy
  • Major material is metal
  • Product Dimension: 28.5″ (L)x 6″(W) x 21″ (H)
  • Installation Dimensions: 24.1″(L) x 5.25(W)x 19.25″(H)


Pros & Cons



  • Quiet in operation
  • Auto cut-off if overheated
  • No emission and pollution
  • A universal style fashionable heating solution
  • The elegant glass front is detachable
  • The only installation, no assembly required
  • Remote control with complete function




  • Provides limited heat


6. COSTWAY Oil Filled Radiator Heater Mini Portable Electric Room Thermostat 700W (14” Height) | Most efficient electric heater for home


Do you need instant cold relief with an efficient heating system? Among the best room heaters here’s one on which you can rely. The new COSTWAY Oil Filled Radiator Heater can solve your problem! Its performance is just great. Control it according to your requirement to get your desired temperature. Costway Oil filled radiator has been equipped with enduring sealed oil. Its safety feature is cool – in case of overheat it shuts off immediately. You have a built-in carry handle that makes it fully portable – very convenient for moving around as you wish. Design of Costway is also great! It has a compact shape that is very convenient for storage.

It calmness is amazing. So it never disturbs your sleep. A very cost effective solution for winter is this COSTWAY Oil Filled Radiator Heater – your best company to resist winter simply but highly effectively.





  • This room heater is portable
  • Setting a constant temperature is possible
  • Overheating protection for safety measures
  • It has power indicator light that reminds that the heater is turned on
  • Operation is silent
  • Overall Dimension: 5.5” x 12” x 14”
  • Product Weight: 8.6 lbs
  • Power Supply: 120V, 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 700 Watts
  • Oil-Filled type heater


Pros & Cons



  • Excellent heating power with 700 watts
  • Thermostat is adjustable
  • Permanently sealed oil; no hassle of refill
  • With front carry handle – very user-friendly
  • Auto shut-off when overheated
  • Silent operation




  •  Not great for big rooms


7.Lasko 5165 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control | Best electric space heater


Many people search for a heater that saves space! Are you one of them too? Lasko 5165 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater has been built for you. In terms of quality, it’s also a competitive one! It boasts a powerful ceramic heat that can be a terrific add-on for a central heating system. It has the oscillation – this covers an extra wide range. Operation of Lasko 5165 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater is very easy and of course, there is remote control included.

Lasko offers a dual heat-settings. This makes you possible to balance the energy use. Lasko is efficient to rapidly produce heat and make you warm and cozy.





  • An 8-hour auto-off timer
  • Completely assembled
  • A safe ceramic element
  • Overheat protection
  • Cool-touch exterior.
  • Oscillation capability is widespread


Pros & Cons



  • Designed to save space
  • Wider heat coverage with wide oscillation
  • Dual heat settings
  • Silent operation
  • 3 Year limited warranty from the manufacturer
  • Up to 30 days to return your purchase
  • Exterior is cool-touch
  • Ceramic heater efficiency




  • The oscillate function does not have an indicator


Maintenance Tips For Best Room Heater

A home appliance like the electric fireplace needs some maintenance. They are simple and are mostly ‘do it yourself’ tasks. Following are the major ones.

Place it in a safe place

Keep away any watery items, flammable objects or other electrical objects from near the electric fireplace. You might have an aquarium or water heater; put it at a safe distance from your fireplace.

Check the outlet carefully

Electric items require the ‘volt or power match’. Make sure you are using your fireplace unit in the right outlet. Read the manual or instructions carefully to do so.

Change the Light Bulb Regularly

Electric fireplaces contain light bulbs. Your manufacturer has already provided you with clear instruction about changing them. Do follow it.

Clean the dust over it

Keep the unit clean. Use a soft dry cotton cloth to gently clean it at least once a week.

Clean the Fan

If your electric fireplace is providing supplemental heat in your space, the fan is very important. You need to take care of it. If the fan is spinning properly that’s good, but the rotation pattern would indicate that it needs some cleaning. You could use a vacuum that has an attachable wand nozzle and a small brush to clean the fan.

First, you should use the brush to remove the dust and then vacuum the fan blades. A periodical cleaning of the fan will give you better service.

Maintaining your electric fireplace is not a daunting task at all! You should clean and check the overall service at least once a week. Call in a licensed electrician if you feel that an expert power-advice is necessary.

Final Verdict

No doubt you are looking for the best room heater or an electric fireplace. All the above electric fireplaces and room heaters are well built, quality unit heating solutions. They are also a great source of joy because they offer wonderful décor to your home. By now, you have learned what things are to be considered most and how to choose which unit is perfect for you. Regardless of how the style or decor of your home is, there are good offers already on the market.

Our careful guide and review have considered the most important factors for these electric fireplaces or room heaters. Choose any of the models we have suggested. There is almost no possibility that you would be aggrieved. Get your best electric fireplace or room heater and start enjoying its warmth right away!

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