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How Much Do You Know About The Best Scooter Brands In The World 2019?


The discussion of the best scooter brands is important considering today’s traffic congestion problem. ‘A car for every house’, this was one of the popular mantras at the beginning of 21st century.

According to a study back in 2015, the USA was world’s second largest home of passenger vehicles with a number of 263.6 million. The number has only increased since then. The result? Demand for gas increasing, hours of traffic jam and the environment getting affected more than ever.

The solution lies in finding eco-friendly, alternative way of transportation. That’s why means like kick scooters have been experiencing a revival of popularity. Once a popular vehicle of children is now equally used by adults.

Some Scooters are just a source of fun for kids or youngsters. At the same time, A scooter can be a great way for short distance commuting without dealing the hassle of parking a car. Some awesome scooter brands come with the electric commuting scooter. Which are eco-friendly because they don’t need any diesel or gas they run on electric charge only. Here I want to introduce you to some commuter scooter brands like Ojo, Immotor, and URB-E.


Here we will also discuss some kick scooter brands. A kick scooter can be used for commuting purpose as well as for entertainment and fun.Different kick scooter models with different load capacities made the kick scooter suitable for people of different ages. Let’s see best kick scooter brands along with their best products.

Comparison Table Of Top 3 Scooter Brands


  • Ojo Scooters
  • Ojo had started their journey in 2016 and appeared in CES in 2017.
  • Ojo Commuter Scooter for Adults Which Is Eco-friendly, Electric & Smart

  • URB-E Folding Electric Scooter
  • URB-E is designed for the adventurous rider who needs highest acceleration and speed over all kinds of kinds of landscapes.
  • It has an American created SAPA 6061 T6 aircraft grade emitted aluminum frame and a progressed Coilover stun suspension framework.

  • Razor Scooters
  • Starting its journey back in 2000, razor company excelled in making quality scooters for people of all ages.
  • Razor A5 Lux kick scooter is One of the razor’s pioneer scooter.


Our Top 10 Best Scooter Brands


1.Ojo scooter


The founder of Ojo distinguished the requirement for REAL transportation for the bicycle path as none existed. The goal was to become an evolutionary catalyzer to create this new type of transportation.

Ojo’s sophisticated looking patented ergonomic design makes it unique in the market.They have also brought some brand new features like dual Bluetooth speakers, patented onboard charger and Tesla-inspired style.They had started their journey in 2016 and appeared in CES in 2017.

FORD OJO Commuter Scooter Vintage Woody


This is a very strong, sophisticated designed, and luxurious electric scooter. It’s patented ergonomic design increases the comfort and agility. Exclusive non-glare interactive display screen puts all operational substance readily available. Ojo scooter has an electric sensor which can detect an ascending hill.




  • 25 miles charge range.
  • It can go with 20 miles per hour speed.
  • 300lb weight capacity which is more than enough for a single person.
  • Patented 500-watt hub motor.
  • USB charging port available for a mobile charge.
  • Bike lane approved.
  • Motion activated alarm feature.
  • Perfect for short distance travel.
  • Fully emission free rider.
  • Cost effective and Smart looking.
  • It has got a nice LED headlight, so you can run it even at night.
  • No need any license (check our local law).
  • Unique design, Dual Bluetooth speaker.



2.URB-E scoot er


URB-E another famous scooter brand from the united states. This is designed and made in Pasadena California. Technology support by previous Porsche Lead Engineer.

URB-E designed by an American designer who has more than twelve years experience in mobility and transportation design. Sven Etzelsberger, co-founder of URB-E providing engineering support who has 20 years experience in the automotive industry around the world. So, without any doubt, you are getting best performing scooter.


URB-E Folding Electric Scooter


URB-E is designed for the adventurous rider who needs highest acceleration and speed over all kinds of kinds of landscapes. Based on an award-winning body, URB-E Pro accompanies carbon fiber handlebars. It has an American created SAPA 6061 T6 aircraft grade emitted aluminum frame and a progressed Coilover stun suspension framework. Get URB-E, If you want to go easily and comfortably, though you’re dressed for work. With URB-E, your focal point of gravity is nearer to the ground than a bike, making it significantly easier and more secure to ride.





  • 350-watt brushless geared motor and 10” pneumatic tires deliver a higher top speed of 18mph.
  • Can run approximately 20 miles on a single charge.
  • US created SAPA aircraft graded aluminum makes the whole frame unbelievably lightweight and strong.
  • The URB-E is patented and every vehicle has a one of a kind serial number and accompanies a 1-year warranty.
  • Comfortable, Fun, and Safe.
  • High speed and strong Battery.
  • Durable for using aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Nice looking unique design.



3.Razor Scooters


No one influenced the field of kick scooter as Razor did. Starting its journey back in 2000, razor company excelled in making quality scooters for people of all ages. Razor is known as the best kick scooter brands in the world.

Their very first scooter was launched in 2000, making a sale of 5 million within a time span of 6 months. After that, they launched 38 models, satisfying a huge customer base over their attractive design and top quality. Razor has been known world’s best scooter brand.

1. Razor A Kick Scooter


One of the razor’s pioneer scooter, the Razor A kick scooter is a customer favorite because of the price compared to the quality. The Razor A is one of the best off road kick scooters on the market.




  • Made of very strong aluminum, this scooter can carry a rider up to 143 pounds. While the product weighs only 5.5 pounds, the deck and the T-tube folds into a compact shape for easy carrying.
  • The wheels are made of urethane. The wheel diameter of 98mm indicates they are capable of running on bumpy roads. This is an off-road kick scooter for those who love some thrilling experience.
  • The wheels run on ABEC 5 bearings. There is a rear brake that helps the user to stop within a second. The product comes in 7 colors.



2. Razor A5 Lux Scooter


Stylish, and speedy. The new Razor A5 lux scooter is designed for adults. With extra-large wheels and anodized kick stand, the scooter is always ready to withstand rough uses. Known as the best kick scooter for tall adults, the scooter came up solving the problem taller people face.




  • The scooter is made of sturdy aluminum materials. The dimension of the scooter is 35″ L x 21″ W x 41″ H. The scooter itself weighs 9.4 pounds but can carry a whopping 220 pounds of weight.
  • The wheels are some beauty. They extra-large wheels are 200 mm in diameter. They are made of urethane and suitable for bumpy roads. The bike can be folded into suitable shape to carry anywhere.
  • The rear fender brake provides much-needed security, especially when you’re running in a speed. Also. The adjustable handlebar provides the desired height for tall people to stand comfortably. Not many bikes on the market offer that.



4.Fuzion Scooters


This is an amazing scooter brand Started the journey back in 2006, Fuzion made its presence known through their special kind of kick scooters. They came upon the market with 4 wheel scooters, which were slightly bigger than regular kick scooters.

The scooters consisted of 4 wheels and a larger deck to stand comfortably. The design was vastly welcomed by the users. Now they have a dedicated team of manufacturers and young brand ambassador’s team.

1. Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete- (The best Fuzion scooter)


Fuzion Z300 scooter might not be the cheapest of the market, but one of the most advanced, well-equipped scooters on the market. Known as the best Fuzion scooter, it’s an adult kick scooter which can carry up to 220 pounds of weight. Comes in 4 different colors, this is definitely the gift you can give your loved one.




  • The deck is 4.25 inches wide. The unique dog bone design and unified grind rails make the ride a comfy experience. The structure is made of TG 7000 aluminum.
  • The scooter comes with features like internal compression facility, wrapped headset bearings, soft grips on the handlebar. The most significant might be the big Chromoly joint handlebars. They can be rotated 350 degrees.
  • The wheels are medium at 110 mm diameter. The ABEC bearings within them make the ride a smooth experience. The rattle proof back side brake keeps the rider safe.



2. Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter


This is one of the fuzion’s best products. The Z250 comes with a strong design and resistance to breaking. A great choice if you love playing in the air. The 100mm aluminum core wheels provide all the support you need for freestyle riding.




  • The structure is made of 6061 T6 aluminum. The deck is designed in dog bone style with a dimension of 20.5″ L X 4.37″W. The scooter is 9.6 pounds in weight.
  • The headset bearings are integrated and fully wrapped. The HIC compression system provides the rider with smooth riding. The grips are made of super controllable TPR grips.
  • The Fusion Z250 scooter comes with high tension steel T-bars, threadless single piece fork and 34.5mm triple clamp with alloy materials. The product comes in three different attractive colors.



5.District Scooters


District freestyle scooter company started its journey in 2007, founded by the FSP group. In a competitive market like kick scooter, they started their journey with a good run and continued to do so.

What made them different from others is, before District, no other company offered custom freestyle scooter parts. The first brand to develop scooter parts and accessories, District is now one of the best scooter brands.

1. District C050 Pro Scooter


The District C050 scooter is a great product specially designed for beginner/intermediate rides. The scooter weighs only 6.7 pounds and comes with 4 different styles.




  • The deck is made of European certified aluminum with a dimension of 4.5″ W x 19.6″ L. The scooter comes with a welded front side and a rectangular neck.
  • The head tube is fully integrated at 81 degrees.
  • The bars are 22 inches tall and 22 inches wide standard sized. They come with a hexagonal design to provide stability. The grips are District 135 mm and TPR grips.
  • The dimension of the wheels is 110 x 24mm. They are metal core wheels and equipped with 608ZZ bearing for a flawless ride. The steel type flex brake keeps the rider safe.



2. District C052 Pro Scooter


One of the complete kick scooters on the market praised by professionals. The District C052 Pro Scooter is for those who don’t mind spending the right amount for top quality.




  • The District C052 scooter is almost similar to the C050. But, it is stronger and equipped with a 0.9 inches longer deck, higher handlebars and a machine fork which provides a superior look.
  • The structure is made of quality aluminum. Also, the scooter comes with a mini HIC compression for fast assembling. The bars are taller than regular scooters on the market and come with an internal hexagonal design.
  • The wheels are metal core wheels, supplied by EAGLE. The 608ZZ bearing ensures the wheels provide support into the bumpiest roads.



6.Lucky Scooters


Lucky doesn’t just manufacture scooters. They offer a lifestyle. Starting the journey in 2008, this is one of the newest members of the market. But guess what, they are already adored by customers for their custom-made scooter parts.

When Lucky started its awesome journey, their riders rode to events like SD1 and CooterCon and excelled there. The innovative minded company came up with some next-gen parts to take the scooting to a new level.

1. Lucky Pro Scooters Crew Freestyle Complete Pro Scooter


Those who are looking for an entry level scooter and slowly want to grow with it, Lucky crew scooter is the best choice for them. This versatile scooter is fortified with a strong body and lucrative design, the scooter made learning tricks easier than before.




  • The lucky crew scooter comes with a strengthened deck, wide wheels with 110 mm diameter and aircraft grade aluminum material.
  • The scooter is built to last and if you want to replace any parts, the super flexible scooter will allow you that facility.
  • The dimension of the deck is 19 x 4.25 inches. This deck is adored by those who like a slick design. The T-bars are 22 x 20 inches, and the head tube comes with 82.5 degrees angle.
  • The double clamp, soft grips, and steel brake make the riding experience a joyous one. The crew is known as the best Lucky Scooter.
  • The lucky scooters have HIC compressions. The total weight of this pack is 8.4 pounds. Want to perform some trick in the air? Go with this lightweight scooter.


2. Lucky Scooter Prospect Pro Scooter


Those who think they have seen all the beauty of kick scooters, wait until you see the Lucky Scooter Prospect Pro Scooter. The scooter comes with an amazing graphics and very attractive design. That’s not all, the advanced tool less compression system helps the rider perform all tricks he wants.




  • Other than looking breathtakingly beautiful, the deck also features a concave upper, even side and bottom, and a head tube that is flushed out.
  • The Lucky prospect scooter is made of aircraft grade aluminum to cope with its adventurous riders.
  • The scooter is compatible with all custom parts Lucky retails. The wheels come with a 110 mm diameter. The atom wheels are made to last for a long time. The scooter weighs only 8.3 pounds.
  • The Lucky prospect scooter comes with additional features like SteelyBrake, dub clamp, and soft grips.
  • The TCS compression system makes the journey hassle free. The fully integrated headset comes from Lucky Banger.



7.Phoenix Scooter


The first ever company to come with single piece kick scooter, Phoenix made their presence known pretty quickly when they started their journey in 2009.

They came up with quality scooters with a larger deck and wider wheels. The Phoenix scooters are results of extensive R & D process. Their products don’t come on the market unless tested by their dedicated rider team.

1. Phoenix Sequel Pro Scooter | Best Phoenix Scooter


This is a kick scooter for intermediate to advanced riders. And the structure bear evidence of that. The Phoenix Sequel Pro Scooter is an attractive, yet strong scooter that can be used on off-road too. If you are an adult who needs regular commuting or a college goer, go for the Phoenix Sequel.




  • The dimension of the scooter is 24 x 5 x 26 inches. The weight is measured at 9.05 pounds.
  • No scooter comes without a fork. The Phoenix Sequel offers the riders an improvisation on Phoenix classic fork, in HIC with a joined Star Nut.
  • The deck is wide and comfortable with 4.75″ W x 21″ L dimension, separate down tube with sequel deck makes it easy to stand on. The headset is completely integrated with Phoenix top cap.
  • The handlebars are 4.5″ T x 23″ W and come with Chromoly lineage features. The wheels are 110 mm in diameter and integrated with ABEC bearings.
  • Stop at once with the Phoenix flex brake without any risk of tipping off. No wonder this is known as the best Phoenix scooter.



2. Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter


Like the sequel, The Phoenix pilot pro is also made especially for intermediate to advanced players. With a 9 pound weight and three color variations, this is a scooter you can display or play with. The scooter is well stable for clumping tail whips.




  • The reinforced deck is 4.5 inches wide and 19.5 inches long.
  • The Phoenix pro team handpicked every detail from the high-grade aluminum to sophisticated deck graphics, maintaining quality in each step.
  • The scooter comes with 31.8 mm long standard double clamp that is very smooth.
  • The mini HIC compression and high tension burner fork made of steel make the structure durable one.
  • The bars are well supporting for adults with 22″ T x 20″ W dimension.
  • The 7-spoke Phoenix wheels make sure you enjoy uninterrupted riding. The wheels are 110 mm in diameter.
  • The ABEC 9 bearing make sure they take off most of the lead. The Phoenix flex brake enables quick stop almost instantaneously.



8.Envy Scooters


One company acquainted in two names one is Envy and another is Blunt. Basically, in Australia and United States they are famous in the name of Envy Scooters. But In the UK or Europe people know it as Blunt Scooters.Now Envy becomes one of the best trick scooter brands in the world.

They have been making innovative and top quality freestyle scooters over 8 years. Envy Scooters got some talented engineers and designers who have years of experience in Scootering, BMX, and Skating. Their mission is “making the best freestyle scooter products on earth.”

Envy Colt Scooter Review

Here I want to pick one of the best pro scooters from Envy and they labeled it Envy Colt Scooter. Because of the popularity, they made a series of Envy Colt.

Till now I mean in 2018 they have released the latest version Envy Colt S3.But Envy Colt S2 Still the most popular because of durability and low price. We will know here about both of them.

1.  Envy Colt S2 Review


The Envy Colt S2 scooter is the most recent pro scooter from the immensely mainstream Envy Colt scooter. And this is perfect for learners who are progressing to prompt riders. It was voted Best Intermediate Scooter For All Ages. Look at the Features and take your wise decision!




  • The bar of Envy Colt S2 is taller than the last version. It’s now coming in at 22.8” high x 20.5” wide. Now the upgraded bar Is heavier and stronger because it’s made of steel instead of Aluminum.
  • Envy Colt S2 Included new Prodigy deck which is 4.7” wide x 19.5” long. The wider deck will allow you to keep your both feet comfortably.
  • As the deck is the main foundation of the entire scooter so its need to be strong and durable and they made it exactly. Another great feature is replaceable Griptape you can change it whenever you like.
  • 110mm Metal Core Wheels with 86A PU ABEC 9 Bearings gives it maximum durability.
  • Envy Colt S2 Internal Hidden Compression (IHC) that means it is built into the fork. It got a 2 bolt strong clamp. Always check the tightness of clamp before riding.
  • 3 awesome color which gives it sophisticated looking.
  • Product Dimensions: 27.2 x 19.7 x 39.4 inches ; 7.05 pounds.



2. Envy Series 3 Colt Scooter | Envy Colt s3 Scooter review


The 2018 Envy Colt Series 3 Complete Scooter sets the standard quality & value for beginner to intermediate scooters! Comes with excellent new features like new back nylon deck embeds, a 2018 back spacer system, new colors, & much more!




  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Decks’ length is 19.5” and width is 4.7”.
  • 22.8″high X 20.5″wide High-quality Tensile Steel Bars.
  • TIG (tungsten inert gas) welded Internal Hidden Compression (IHC) Forks.
  • 110mm and 6063 Aluminum alleviated Wheels comes with 86A PU and Nylon Bolt-On Brake.
  • The Colt S3 scooter has 4 color variation in this year – Red, Green, Blue, and Gold.



9.Vokul Scooters


SHENZHEN VOKUL SPORTS EQUIPMENT CO., LTD locates in Shenzhen Gongming industry area, China.Vokul is a giant scooter company with over 300 employees which is established in 2005.

And 60 of them have the technical background. Their main products are two-wheel scooters, new stunt scooters, electric scooters and children scooters with a lot of variations.

Vokul has hired a professional R$D team who are maintaining the highest quality and standard in Europe and the United States. Vokuls’ motto is to provide the best quality and most trending products for their valued customer.


1. Vokul LUX Big Wheel Fold Kick Scooter


If you’re searching the best Glide Kick scooter for daily commuting to go to school, college or office then I would say Vokul LUX Big Wheel Fold Kick Scooter is the best option for you. It’s Oversized 205 mm anti-corrosive/shock-absorbing/high powerful PU wheels gives it smooth riding on the uneven and rocky road.




  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame and strong deck can hold weights up to 220lbs.
  • Its very large 205mm or 8″ wheels greatly reduces the shaking in Bumpy or Rough Road.
  • Vokul LUX Big Wheel Fold Kick Scooter is very convenient to carry and storage because of its easy folding system and lightweight.
  • A 4.5″ wide deck got enough space to keep both feet at the same time.
  • It’s a very good commuter scooter.
  • Net weight is 8.8lbs but still, it’s pretty sturdy and not flimsy at all. If it is not abused I hope it would easily last 5 years



2. Vokul TRII S Freestyle Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter


This is the best entry level pro scooter for young rider like 7-12 years old. If you don’t have any previous experience then you should go for this awesome beginner scooter.

In terms of design and features Vokul freestyle pro scooter is different from other scooters. Let’s go ahead to check some of their excellent features.




  • 140lbs weight capacity is enough for any entry-level young riders.
  • 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum and Reinforced Heat Treated Forged Plates in the Deck make it the most durable scooter on the market.
  • Medium Carbon Steel with tightening Triple Clamp ensures stability and safety.
  • High Rebounding PU, Anti-Abrasive, and Shock-Absorbing wheels give a maximum smooth performance.
  • It’s well made but light enough for any young boys to spin it around.
  • 20″ x 4″ Deck and18″ handlebar.



Final Verdict:

With the advancement of technology and increasing passenger vehicles, one thing happened. The rate of obesity and the pollution of environment went up. We got habituated to comfy life at the expense of nature. It’s time to change that attitude until it’s too late.
Start that with changing your vehicle, at least keeping an alternative like kick scooter. Other than being a fun, kick scooters actually make you work out on a daily basis. It’s even better for your children. It gives the opportunity for some outdoor activities other than watching TV.
We have discussed the best scooter brands on the market and their top products. Not each of them will suit your age or your expertise. However, you’ll find several matching your criteria. Let us know which one worked well for you. Happy Riding!!


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