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Top 7 Cheap Hoverboards With Best Quality & Standard Features


If you are planning to buy a self-balancing scooter well known as ‘hoverboard’ – you are at the right place. This article guides you to purchase a cheap hoverboard with standard features.

Researching on latest hoverboards, we have gathered the core information of some great deals with the best customer reviews. This makes your choice and selection much easier. Your two-wheel scooter has to be something that combines best price, features, and safety. Buying an electric scooter is not a matter of look and feel only, but the overall experience of quality and safety counts most. Today hoverboards come in a good number of quality, price, and features. Of course, safety and quality are considered most. At the same time, unlike many other products, additional features attract and influence a customer’s choice highly.

A hoverboard is a toy all right but rather say it is a ‘real-world toy’. Irrespective of age (starting from 12), almost all people enjoy riding this two-wheel private vehicle. Its name might make some people feel that they’ll hover. In fact, they will not hover but they would experience a ‘hover-like’ feeling.

History Of Hoverboard

Its first launch faced some obstacles but today these self-balancing scooters are very popular – giving a state-of-the-art experience of a ride. It has already won the hearts of millions. Initial problems were reports of fires and other battery-related issues. However, now there is good news about purchasing safe hoverboard. According to “UL 2272 evaluation of hoverboards has been extensive, beginning with tests related to everything from the construction, performance, electrical and mechanical to the verification of markings in the instruction manual.” More good news is, you can get these certified two-wheel scooters at an affordable price. So when quality, comfort and safety certification applies, you have the confidence to go for a serious buy!

In the last few years, hoverboards have become very popular and there are good competition and challenge in choice with varied products in the market. Do your homework and just make sure you get the things you want. Our article takes into account the price, safety and best features of the latest popular hoverboards.


Comparison Table of Best  Hoverboards Under $200

  • XPRIT Hoverboard w/Bluetooth Speaker
  • UL 2272 Certified
  • Max weight limit is 165lbs
  • Max speed: 6mph and can run and last about 45-75 mins

  • TOMOLOO Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker
  • UL2272 Certified of hoverboard and UL2271 Certified of the battery. Fully comply with all U.S safety regulations.
  • Can carry up to 265 pounds of weight.
  • Battery Capacity: 4000 mAh and Range Per Charge: Up to 7.5 miles

  • Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard
  • UL 2272 certified - the SWAGTRON hoverboard excelled in all electrical safety tests
  • weight up to 220 lbs
  • Swagtron hoverboard boasting an 8 mph top speed and 11-mile range



Hoverboard For Kids | Learn Some Awesome Tricks

Buying Guide Of Best Cheap Hoverboards 


1.UL 2272 Certified  

Check whether the company is UL certified or not. UL is a global safety science organization that helps companies demonstrate safety, confirm compliance, enhance sustainability, manage transparency, deliver quality and performance, strengthen security and protect brand reputation. When you see a UL holographic with an enhanced mark on the hoverboard’s package that’s good news. In case of any electrical devices, safety is very important because short-circuiting and overheating issues risk lives.

2.Overall quality

Do not ignore the overall quality of the product. In a competitive market today, the major focus is on quality. In general, most of the parts and options will almost match. However, the material, tire and motor quality would differ a lot. Carefully look into the product description. Our first choice is American companies. UL certified with at least a year service warranty and good customer support should be preferred. While searching a  hoverboard smart people never compromise on quality.

3.Battery Life and Charging Times

Electronic products that are charged, requires great emphasis on battery life, battery and charger quality. Just a ‘poor charge’ could mess up the whole deal! Your target should be at least 2 hours, which is the average battery life after charging. Anything below this charging time should be ignored. Look for UL tested batteries and chargers. People make mistakes by ignoring the battery and charger information. How far and how fast the two-wheel goes depends on its battery life.

Big batteries take longer charging time but their charge lasts longer too. Charging time is important because it determines how long your hoverboard will be down in between uses.

4.Speed and Range

Speed and range matter a lot. The popular and best hoverboard brands give you maximum range of 8-15 miles. A hoverboard is not meant for long travel. So this range is fine. For the same reason, the average speed of these hoverboards is 10-12mph. On riding these two wheels, you do not always require its top speed. You choose the top speed only for a morning or evening cruise in the spacious open places. Otherwise, in malls and sidewalks, you will be operating much slower.

5.Weight Capacity

Consider the weight capacity. It is important. Do not buy a hoverboard which has a limit taking weight close to yours. Because in that case, the battery doesn’t seem to last as long. Most hoverboards seem to have a weight capacity of 225–265 pounds. It is recommended that you purchase a model much more than your weight. This would give you the maximum performance.

6.Build quality

When you buy online, sense the build quality of a hoverboard through a product specification and customer reviews. There is a big variation in build quality. Starting from the tire’s material to the inner parts you have lots of differences. Some hoverboards have plastic wheels while others have metal wheels. Internal parts, such as motors, sensors and other electronic parts also vary. Look for more durable materials.

7.Easy to ride

Pick your model keeping in mind the ease to ride on it. Consider the age and skill level of the rider. For a beginner, you might want the basic functions and fewer options, making only the ride the focus. For an adult or experienced rider, one may find having all the features and get maximum utility

8.Tire size

There are three tire sizes for hoverboards: 6.5-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch. Small tires will only perform well on wide, flat and smooth surfaces. Most people prefer small tires because of lightweight and small size. The larger the tire the smoother the ride on rough surfaces. Go for 6.5-inch wheels if you want them to be portable.10-inch tires are good for transportation sacrificing the portability.

9. Special Features

Powerful dual drive motors, keychain remotes to allow locking up the hoverboard are some great features new hoverboards offer. Even you would find a quality cheap Bluetooth hoverboard today. Some add-on features are built-in GPS, built-in speakers that can connect to your mobile phone, built-in Bluetooth speakers, and built-in gyroscopic, sensor pads.


Your decision regarding price is not only for budget or affordability but also for fulfilling your requirement. If you are new to a hoverboard, you would probably go for one that satisfies the basic needs. If you are experienced or however, willing to purchase a hoverboard with cool features, you will go for a better or luxury brand. Many users upgrade to a newer one after testing how they feel the overall experience of the two-wheel scooter. This requires only a few hundred dollars.

Our research shows the average best inexpensive hoverboards deals are between $150 to $200. If you are an experienced and advanced user, in that case, we recommend you go for brands that quote 500-600 dollars. It is true that high-quality materials and durability are going to add to the price tag, but it doesn’t mean that it is completely unwise to go for average hoverboards. Because additional features and sturdier body also increase the price and often a user doesn’t require so.


Quick Tips To Buy Best  Hoverboards On Amazon

If you have a short time to select and buy a hoverboard, here are some important points to consider:

  •  Know what is the brand and how popular is it: read the customer reviews and comments
  •    The average speed of hoverboards are 2 to 10 mph and offer a range of 10 to 15 miles per charge.
  •   Weight is important if you plan to carry it often.
  •     If it is your first hoverboard purchase, do not spend too much. You can buy better next time.
  •     Purchase a hoverboard that offers a return policy.
  •     See the warranty before you purchase.
  •     Always choose a model that will hold more than your weight.
  •     Ensure that you are buying a UL2272 certified hoverboard.


Best  Hoverboards Under $200 Or Best Two Wheel Scooters | Our Top Selections


1.TOMOLOO Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker Smart Scooter


 Founded in 2013, Shenzhen Tomoloo Technology Industrial Co., Ltd is one of the earliest manufacturers for an electric hoverboard. Secured and safe for all age group, Tomoloo hoverboard with a Bluetooth speaker is an ideal choice among the latest quality hoverboards. If you want to buy a hoverboard to learn how to use it first, the TOMOLOO is really good. Children will enjoy it a lot. It has anti-slip pedals which provide a safer trip. For kids, this is a great gift no doubt. It is no exaggeration to say, this is one of the best hoverboards for kids.




Tomoloo’s design and structure are great. It is UL certified of course and also approved by the CPSC. People look for a longer duration at one charge and the good news is, Tomoloo goes 12 miles at one charge. You could charge it fully again just by 2-3 hours. Moreover, its speed is 10 miles per hour. This is among the fastest electric scooters of 2018. Tomoloo’s speaker quality is excellent with extraordinary sound effect. This hoverboard has multicolor LED lights. The combination of red, green and blue LED lights look awesome. Interestingly, you could change the colors using special features available to handle the hoverboard.


Pros & Cons



  •  UL2272 Certified of hoverboard and UL2271 Certified of the battery, comply with all U.S safety regulations
  • 6.5 inches large wheels, awesome RGB LED design with color lights.
  • You can contact the Seller to get a Free Hoverboard Bag when you receive the hoverboard.
  • It can easily handle the weight of riders under 265 pounds




  • Especially recommended for beginners and children


2.XPRIT Hoverboard w/Bluetooth Speaker | Cheap Bluetooth Hoverboard


A cool looking hoverboard, with lights on the wheels, is the XPRIT. You can ride it a long time without charging. Speed control is very easy. The Bluetooth can connect to the phone very easily. Trendy in design and allows off-road use with an easy shift of the body causing you to start and stop smoothly.




With speeds of up to 12 miles per hour, XPRIT hoverboard enables you to travel much faster than you could by your feet. Venture favorites love the solid, thick casing and stylish rubber wheels which keep the Xprit 8.5″ Wheel Hoverboard with Bluetooth travel with ease.


Pros & Cons



  •  UL 2272 Certified
  • Battery Charge Time: 2-3 hours until fully charged
  • Max weight is 165lbs; minimum weight is 45lbs
  • Quick and easy hoverboard learning
  • With its 8.5″ durable rubber tires, it can climb 17-degrees in an outdoor environment




  • The surface gets a little bit hot after using a long time


3.SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard | Swagtron Hoverboard Review


If you confidently want to buy a hoverboard this is a great choice. Swagtron T1 is the world’s first hoverboard to pass the new UL 2272 standard for hoverboards It has a large group of security components. Swagtron T1 has a learning mode. This much secure, slower mode that beginners can use to rehearse their riding abilities. The SentryShield battery takes approximately an hour to completely charge. The manual mentions that for safety majors, riders should be more than 4 feet tall and weigh no less than 44lbs. This is critical for proper control of the hoverboard.




Swagtron utilizes a multilayered protection on the battery to give you peace of mind. SwagTron T1’s gear and motor system are much smoother and more stabilizing than average electric scooters. Moreover, it features a non-slip footpads. SwagTron T1 is compact in size and glossy in design. It can resist dust and water. It has a hard plastic body. Therefore, you can extensively use it and you would find minimal scratches. There are many happy customers who even mentioned Swagtron T1 as one best adult hoverboard.


Pros & Cons



  •   SwagTron’s 300-watt motor increases your max speed to 8+ mph and gives you a range of 12+ miles on a single charge.
  •  UL 2271 certified SentryShield battery pack and was first to market with an overall UL2272 certification.
  • Sentryshield Multilayer Battery Protection. The battery you find on the SwagTron T1 is placed inside a fire-resistant chamber, making it extra safe.
  • Battery indicator lights warn when you’re low on battery; easy-to-read 5 light indicators will let you know your charge level.
  • Includes two modes: learning and standard. Learning mode governs speed till you are ready to release your inner swag at maximum speeds.




  • No Bluetooth and GPS


4.Aurora Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter With Built-In Bluetooth Speaker


Founded in 2015 at the heart of Texas, NHT emerged as one of the biggest sellers of hoverboards that provide the new generation of safe hoverboard that we all love today. Among the average two-wheel scooters, an excellent stylish designed hoverboard with enhanced features is the Aurora Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter. Not only so! Safety first has been ensured.




It is UL 2272 certified. That means that this product has been tested for electrical and fire-safety to protect you and your beloved.It has 6.5″ Vacuum Tire hitting speeds of up to 6 MPH for up to 7.5 miles powered by dual 250W motors.


Pros & Cons



  •   LED accent lighting on wheels,  front, and rear of the unit with a strong shell and sturdy structure
  • 12-month warranty: one year warranty for wheel hub motor, and controller from the date of purchase
  • Built-In high-quality Bluetooth speakers
  •  Tested free from any potential fire hazards and has passed U2272 testing requirements based on the national standards for electrical safety.




  • Speed is up to 6 MPH


5.Segway miniLITE – Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter | Perfect Adult Hoverboard


If you are looking for a way to get around a short distance on the urban terrain, indoors and outdoors without burning gas Segway miniLITE is the best choice. As it has been named, the Segway miniLITE is a truly “lite” version of the Segway miniPRO.Do not misunderstand it by its name. It brags the same large tires and top speed capability of the miniPRO.  Segway miniLITE is fully compatible with the Ninebot-Segway mobile app.




Just like the miniPRO, the miniLITE allows for precise and smooth steering – lightly pressing left or right on the knee control bar. It has a maximum load of 175 pounds, journeys up to 10 miles on a single charge and speeds up to 10 mph.
Parents can relax as the app provides a comprehensive riding tutorial and the ability to limit speed for the young riders.


Pros & Cons



  •  10.5” air-filled tires and 1400 watts of engine power, enables the miniLITE to overcome slopes, debris, and other everyday obstacles you might encounter.
  • The miniLITE’s compact frame is easy to manipulate. The detachable knee control bar makes it easy to stow away in tight space.
  • Get around at three times the speed of walking. Reaching top speeds of 10 MPH*, the miniLITE covers distances of up to 11 miles* on a single charge. (*depending on rider’s weight and riding habits.
  • The customizable LED taillights ensure high rear visibility day or night, rain or shine.




  • Slowest of the Segways, although the distance covered is only slightly less than the miniPro.


6.Razor Hovertrax 1.5 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter | Razor Hoverboard Reviews


If you want to put your trust in a company which has been popular with hoverboards since the 90s, it is Razor. The Razor Hovertrax hoverboard answers the quality control problem often found in other hoverboards today. Razor is renowned for handling any issues with their products. It has all of the resources necessary to support their customers. Razor hoverboard reviews are great. Their customer-trust has already made them stand out from the crowd.




One great feature Razor Hovertrax body has is, it is made out of a shatter-resistant polymer frame. This makes it comparatively better ‘breaking or scratching resistant’ than many other products. Razor Hovertrax has two electric motors, one for each wheel. These motors combined with Razor’s proprietary balancing algorithm. This functionality allows the hoverboard to constantly keep its balance. One unique feature of the Razor Hovertrax is the shape of the wheel hub. This protects the wheels from flying debris and protects them from the environment.


Pros & Cons



  •  The Razor Hovertrax is guaranteed against manufacturing defects by a 90-day warranty.
  • Steel with shatter-resistant polymer body and front blue LED light bars.
  • Anti-slip, rubber foot pads for better balance.
  • Features silent, dual, 135-watt (cruising power), 350-watt (peak power) motors, and includes battery power, balance level, and mode indicators.
  •   Built with Razor’s exclusive Ever Balance technology, which auto-self-balances, gyro-sensor technology levels the Hovertrax 1.5 for an easier mount and extremely smooth ride




  • Lower than the average top speed


7.COOCHEER Electric Hoverboard | Best Hoverboard For Kids


If you’ re looking for good build quality, fully UL22772 certified, great battery and excellent reputation hoverboard,  COOCHEER Electric Hoverboard should be your pick. For the money, you won’t find anything better than this. Even the look is great.




In terms of speed and stamina, Coocheer is not the fastest in the market but it is favorite in the mid-range market. The three major factors: safety, reliability, and affordability have made it win many hearts. Especially the price. It performs much better than most in this range.


Pros & Cons



  •  UL 2272 Certified Coocheer electric hoverboard with Certified Smart Battery, Intelligent power-off protection and temperature control system.
  •   350W dual motors that help the self -balancing hoverboard can climb over the ramp of 15°
  •  12-month warranty (Always check the latest update in  “Amazon” regarding warranty & Guarantee issues)
  •  Cruising speed of 10km/h (6.5 mph) for riders up to 220lbs(100kg)




  • Weight close to 220lbs would reduce performance


Maintenance Tips Of Hoverboards 

Hoverboard requires some maintenance of course. Check out these five proven hoverboard maintenance tips to help you get maximum utility.

Keep your hoverboard Clean

Cleanliness is first. Use a soft dry cloth to clean your hoverboard. Clean it often or at least when you have used it. Some people risk plugging in the charger; unplug the board out of the socket to avoid an electric shock.

Give it time to cool down

It is usual that the hoverboard would heat up after long use. Therefore, give it time to cool down before you plug in the charger again.

Store it well

Storing it in the shed and the well-ventilated place keeps it safe. Otherwise, there is a risk of catching moisture. This can harm the battery and overall performance of the board.

Refrain riding on extreme terrains

Although there are some off-road hoverboards, which are all right to use in grassy terrains, you should try best to refrain getting into the forests and hilly places. For average hoverboards, the tires and body will be affected.

Keep the wheels clean

Clean the wheels more often. Dirt or debris could get into them and harm your board. The wheels are connected to the motor. Therefore any issues with the wheels can also affect the motor.

Ensure the Battery is Always Charged

The durability and efficiency of batteries depend on how well you take care of them. It is recommended that the battery is always fully charged.

Check tires and screws regularly

A routine check of the tires and screws is necessary. As it is a personal vehicle you should look after it quite often. It is always safe to notice any problem beforehand. A little shake of the board before you use will help you notice any unusual sound of getting any part/screw loose.

Check the Wiring

It is better if the internal wiring is checked at least once a month. Just make sure that the wires are neat and tight. Consult an expert mechanic if you notice any damage. Utilize the warranty period intelligently. Contact customer service immediately without delay.

Consult an expert if required

As a hoverboard uses mechanical tools, it is always safe and better to consult an expert if any critical issue arises. We suggest that you do not experiment with it. Any wrong treatment could cost you much more.


We have mentioned seven best hoverboards with their major features, pros, and cons. Just find out and buy the one that fits you best.

Hoverboards are great toys for both children and adult. They’re fancy toys and fun riding. Parents love to buy hoverboards for kids because they are very special gifts today. You would find many affordable hoverboards on Amazon of course.

In view to find the best cheap hoverboard, we have saved time for you. Get the most popular, stylish and trendy two-wheel scooter today and make your dream ride a reality today. All the good products have great features and amazing look. We have done the homework for you and considered the most important factors. Smart average customers do not hesitate after getting the right guide. We have researched a long way so that nothing is kept vague and confusing for your purchase.


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