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Envy Prodigy S5 Review 2019


Envy company brought some Innovative and top notch scooter parts and complete scooters, Which are designed by their skilled team. They have many years experience in Skating, BMX, and Scootering. Envy has created some powerful trick scooters. Among of them “Envy S5 Prodigy Scooter” is the best one! Today here we will discuss Envy S5 Prodigy Scooter and its’ features.

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Envy Prodigy S5 Scooter Review

The Envy Prodigy s5 has been selected the best-selling scooter for the past few years, and the new 2017 model is bound to proceed with that pattern. With some genuine enhancements over past models, the new Envy Prodigy S5 scooter includes another developed deck and has been augmented with 120mm wheels.

If you want some awesome pro scooter in Australia or USA from Envy, you will get some great scooter in the different names with different features. Not many brands in the market launched it through 5th generations. Normally, following a few years or cycles of any product offering, customers lose their enthusiasm for an item and need something new. But, Surprisingly this hasn’t occurred with the Envy Prodigy series complete scooters.

Rather, a remarkable opposite has happened. Envy isn’t happy with the norm. Every year, Envy has redesigned the Prodigy while some way or another, keeping up a predictable value point, making the Envy Prodigy one of our top-rated scooters every year.

Why Actually Envy Prodigy S5 Becomes So Popular

We should investigate what actually makes the Prodigy a standout amongst the most famous scooters available nowadays. We’ll find out the most evident reasons first. In terms of price, this advanced level scooter cost a little bit higher than a beginner level scooter. Relatively every 6-year-old child getting into the game begins on a Razor scooter, which costs around $130.If you increase your budget just $30 more, you can get an Envy Prodigy S5.

But, This is fully okay to get a Razor as your first scooter, they normally don’t stack up against an Envy as far as quality or lifespan of the scooter. The fifth Generation Envy Prodigy S5 has been custom-made to fit an extensive variety of age and size of riders from beginner to professional. And kept up a value point that will be effectively absorbable by guardians simply getting into the sports field.


Let’s be realistic. Ask any child for what’s the reason behind they choose a specific brand of a scooter and they might disclose to you the genuine reason. In case you don’t know, we’ll fill you in. Since it looks extremely cool and will separate them from the group. Envy has made sense of this one and, ostensibly, has made extraordinary compared to other looking scooters available nowadays.

You will get awesome color variation in 2018. Cleaned/Teal has been a top of the line shading combo before and keeps on being prominent. Smoked Blue is a shading route novel to Envy. The Black/Red Bandana and Black/Oil/Slick are blockbusters second just to the Candy shading way, which is a mix of green and oil spill, which is really dazzling.


You will see some scooters on the market have been designed particularly for a specific group such as beginners or advanced levels. But the Envy Prodigy has been designed for wide range of (beginner, intermediate, or pro) riders. The deck, bar and wheel estimate regularly direct what rider gathering a scooter will take into account.

In the case of the Prodigy S5, the deck, and bars were intended to fit an extensive variety of riders. Measurements of the deck and bars are not on either outrageous with the goal that they work for riders of any size. You can get a Prodigy and it works for everything except the littlest and tallest of riders.


Envy has been in the scooter field for a long time and they regularly developed their quality with new innovation and features. They made fantastic items that were worked to get hammered and keep going quite a while. Regardless of whether you’re riding road or an open field, Envy Products are will survive for a long time. Envy has ended up being a standout amongst the most dependable scooters available. Envy ensures some warranty in case of any deformity.

Why Some parts of prodigy Envy s5 made it Unique?


The prodigy Envy s5 deck is 4.75 inches wide by 19.5 inches in length, which is little wide for kids and maybe slightly short for the tallest riders. But fully fit for the riders between ages 8 to 18.


The common range of bar size is 20-24 inches width and 22 to 26 inches length. Whereas Envy prodigy s5 comes with 21.5 inches width by 24.5 inches tall bar. Which is perfect for kids as well as youngsters.Envy fabricated the bars to fit most riders between the ages of 8 and 18.


Most probably Envy has introduced the IHC compression system or coordinated headset pressure. It’s an astute pressure framework that is incorporated appropriate with the forks, killing the need to buy both a fork and a pressure framework. IHC utilizes a pressure dart over the forks to pack a shim around the forks onto the headset, making a magnificently dialed front end.


The Envy Prodigy s5 accompanies 120mm wheels which are on the high end of the range as far as the measurement. The bigger distance across wheels enable the rider to create higher measures of speed.  Envy realized that most entry-level riders wouldn’t produce a huge amount of speed in the city.

At A Glance Some Basic features Of Envy Prodigy S5:

  • Innovative designed 21.50W X 24.50H standard steel bars
  • 120mm Envy Metal Core wheels with ABEC 9 bearings For better Speed.
  • IHC compression system and a Prodigy double clamp to compress the bars onto the forks.

Customer review:

Devin.s a customer from Amazon gave the 5-star review in may,2017. He gave title name “Best Quality Scooter”. Devin said,” Envy prodigy s5 is a very great quality scooter”. When he first time rides on Envy Prodigy s5, he realized that it was the best ride he had ever had. Devin’s friend said that he had $300 scooter but he liked Devin’s scooter because of its’ great performance. So, if anyone looking to buy a tick or pro scooter he should definitely go with Envy prodigy s5.


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