7 Fun Water Games For Youth, Never Want To Miss!


You must be wondering what the best outdoor games are for your kids and family. Read on this article and get a fresh insight into water games in a nutshell. You will discover that water games are a source of great fun and natural development for your beloved one.

When the summer is near or in, you and your family would just love to splash through the water! Water games give you the ultimate fun and thrill feeling. With hundreds and thousands in varieties today, you can choose a couple of water games. Your kids would love to be outdoor and merrily splatter into the water to cut off the heat and boredom.

We’ve tried best to enlist some exciting water games here. Mainly they are for kids. However, grown-ups can play equally and it’s always the best to accompany the kids while they play. This boosts their game thrill a lot more!

Slip ‘N Slide

Kids always love to slip and slide. This is an exciting and challenging game. “How far can you slide” is the objective.

Water Balloon Toss

Divide yourselves into pairs. Toss the water balloons to your partner. The highest frequency in tossing between each other before getting wet will be the winner.

Water Gun Tag

Kids like to shoot aggressively and abruptly. The water gun tag game will quench their thirst! Split the kids into two teams and they’ll try to spray each other. The winner side is the driest ones!

Duck, Duck, Splash

Quite similar to the ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ game, the Duck Duck Splash is another interesting game. Children sit in a circle. One of them will go around with a cup of water and she’ll be putting a bit of water on each head. Suddenly she’ll splash the whole water onto someone and scream ‘splash’! The victim would chase the person. If she does not succeed to chase within the circle, she’s the new one to splash on someone; otherwise, it continues.

Water Relay

Divide the kids into two teams. Give each team two buckets and a sponge. Fill one bucket with water and keep another bucket empty. The team members from each team would soak the sponge into the water-filled bucket and squeeze its water into the empty bucket. The team who would fill more the empty bucket with more water wins!

Liquid Limbo

A hose is used to strongly flow water straight, i.e. to form a ‘bar’ of water. Every participant passes through it bending backward so that water does not touch and make her wet. Each time someone passes off successfully, the bar is lowered. If you can pass through the lowest bar, you are the winner.

What is Floating Mat!?

Floating Water Mat

Last but not the least is the water mat. A day on a sunny beach will not be memorable if you can’t float on the water! Get a sturdy and comfy water mat to float on the water and have the best experience of a river or sea. There are small to big size water mats available. Even you have detachable pillows with many of the mats. If you often go for trips and want to accommodate your full family on a water mat, just consider the protection, capacity, and stability of the mat. Floating on a water mat is a lot of fun!

Ready to splash and play? Why waiting? Just get right into choosing the best water game for you!

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