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Gorilla Playsets Review ,Why Gorilla Playset Is The Best?


Gorilla Playsets Review: Parents adore their kids the most. They buy their kids all the best they can. It is true not only for food and clothing but for toys and any playthings. One of the most attractive and long-term gifts today’s parents buy their children is a backyard swing playset. A backyard swing set is a great source of joy for a family. Parents do not hesitate to spend their earning in such an entertaining and beneficial tool. They find it a valuable investment.

Now, for the ease of your choice and to be straightforward, we have researched and chosen only two great Gorilla playsets for you!


Why Choose a Gorilla Playset

Gorilla Playsets™ establishment was on the basis that quality wooden playsets should be made available. Instructions should be detailed and clear and the playsets should contain durable accessories. The best thing that Gorilla considered is that such playsets should be available at an affordable price!

Since 1992 Gorilla is in business and its engineers boast of the expertise of designing safe, innovative, and sturdy playsets.

Gorilla has added new heights in the playset industry 

Playset industry is at the news heights today through Gorilla Playsets, which contain extraordinary features. The adjustments and re-construction which Gorilla made in certain aspects are just marvelous.

At Gorilla Playsets, we know that your outdoor play sets will create fun and lasting memories for you and your family, and we are so happy to be a part of them!

Gorilla Swing Sets are Ready-to-Assembly

Gorilla swing set kits include all the accessories you need. The set-up manual is also included with the set. Hopefully, you will get all your questions answered by Gorilla before you ask! The swing set is pre-stained, pre-drilled and pre-sanded. You require no special tools to set it up. All the hardware are in there at the time of your purchase.

Gorilla prioritizes the safety of your child   

There are no parents who don’t worry about their kids’ safety. Gorilla Playsets™ give most of the thoughts on child safety.

Coated swing chains, child-friendly wide ladder steps, and commercial grade hardware are some great safety features, but there are many more!

 Gorilla Playsets Installation Tips


Best Gorilla Playsets Reviews


1.Gorilla Playsets Nantucket Swing Set


You are looking one of the best brand backyard playing set for your kids. Gorilla Playsets Nantucket Swing Set is a very popular cute one. If you want a marvelous addition to your backyard for your kids’ secure swing and play just get the Gorilla Playsets Nantucket Swing Set. With wood framing and a wooden deck, it has a very solid and secure structure. Almost all children would enjoy playing on it and enjoy the fresh air.

This playset brings together adventure and excitement. It includes a bunch of great features like the wave slide, belt-swings, trapeze bar, rock-wall, and many more features. To stimulate the imagination of your child it offers tic-tac-toe panel, sandbox and the steering wheel.

The Nantucket’s construction is sturdy, the design is very compact and the good news is, the price is worth its value. Entirely finished in a wonderful redwood stain, the premium cedar wood playset is pre-cut, pre-sanded, pre-stained and ready to assemble in your backyard. The cedar of the playset, therefore, naturally resists any sort of insect damage or rot and decay.

With so many of activity and playthings, kids have no chance of getting bored. Therefore, it is a solution for kids who can’t set mind easily. The design of this playset attracts kids generously. Awesome features like flags, windows with working shutters, dormers, and a chimney drive them crazy. It’s a complete and perfect playset.




  • Wavy Slide
  • Raised clubhouse with two windows – working shutters
  • Rock wall with climbing rope
  • Ladder for safe entry
  • 2 belt swings
  • Trapeze swing & Sandbox
  • Tic-tac-toe panel
  • Steering wheel
  • Telescope
  • Woodroof sunbursts, chimney & dormers
  • One-piece patented A-frame bracket


Pros & Cons



  • 10 activities to keep 10 kids busy in play simultaneously
  • Weight capacity of 800 pounds
  • Very sturdy construction
  • Stained lumber is resistant to any sort of damage
  • Comfortable plastisol-coated swing chains
  • Good quality wood
    Easy assembly – all parts well marked
  • Clear instructions



The slides get hot in the sun


2.Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Frontier Playground System


Want tons of fun with a premium rot-resistant lumber made playset? Get the Gorillas Blue Ridge Frontier playground playset. This just another ‘many activities’ playground system that includes an amusing ten-foot green wave-slide, a climbing rope on a rock wall, a picnic table and a built-in sandbox. And yes, of course, swing set – that is ‘three position’ with a tire swing and powder-coated chains!

Children love to climb, play, slide, and swing. So this set is a marvel for them! Moreover, it’s safe. Gorillas Blue Ridge Frontier playground playset is very sturdy. Almost no maintenance is required and you have a long period guarantee on its lumber.


The Gorillas Blue Ridge Frontier playset is a versatile swing set and superb for a growing family. If parents want to keep their children physically healthy and active, provide them natural entertainment, it’s hard to find an alternative to this swing set. The wooden set does not only offer a sturdy construction, but it has a vinyl-coating which ensures reliable performance for years to come. The features of this set already make it stand out in the crowd! Tire swing and a climbing ramp and fort are the great features you won’t find in the common playsets.


Your kids will find their sweet home sweeter than ever if they have the Gorillas Blue Ridge Frontier playset installed at their backyard! The playset is an ‘everything-ready’ playground for your kids’ wonderful playtime. So don’t waste time and just get yours!




  • 4″ x 6″ Solid Swing Beam
  • Deck Height of 5′
  • Fort Deck of 4′ x 6′
  • 3 Swing Beam Positions
  • Swing Hangers of Iron Ductile
  • 2 Swing Belts
  • Trapeze Swing
  • Turbo Tire Swing and Swivel
  • Deluxe Climbing Ramp having Rope
  • Rock Wall having Climbing Rope
  • Built-In Picnic Table
  • Sandbox
  • Tic-Tac-Toe Spinner Panel
  • Telescope & Flag Kit
  • Alpine Wave Slide™


Pros & Cons



  • Very clear and comprehensive instructions
  • Organized and well-marked hardware and wooden parts
  • Made of quality products
  • Very sturdy and attractive
  • Has 13 activities to keep up to 13 kids busy simultaneously
  • Total Weight Capacity of 800 lbs.
  • A green 10ft radical wave slide
  • Safety Handles




A bit pricey


What are the customers thinking about Gorilla Playset?

Customers, though have a mixed feeling, the majority are very happy with the Gorilla playsets. Most of them have researched a lot and finally chose Gorilla. They are satisfied with the quality. Their kids are very busy at the backyard spending a great time. Most people talked about some challenges with the setup. It took them a good time to join and fit the parts. However, they ultimately expressed great joy when they put all the parts together successfully. Some customers hired professionals for the setup and they thought it was wise and easy doing so.

Customers are quite happy with the many different activities – these Gorilla sets offer. Majority of them believe that the product is worth the money and the playset will last a good long time.

A good number of customer service feedbacks have been reported as ‘kind and professional’. Most of the customers have built up a strong confidence in Gorilla playsets and are highly recommending others to buy!


Some Common FAQs about Gorilla Playset Reviews


Will Gorilla assist me to set up the playset?

You can wish, Gorilla would assist you by sending a representative to your home for easy installation.

What is the quality of the lumber of the Gorilla Playsets?

Gorilla playsets lumber is no doubt of great quality. All of it is hand-selected and this ensures the set’s strength and durability.

What are the major safety features of the Gorilla Playsets?

Gorilla playsets offer highly safety features. The swing chains are covered in a soft plastic coating. The hardware of the playset is electro-galvanized. The wave-slides are state-of-the-art, includes well researched wide landing bed. The beams and brackets are heavy-duty.

How much weight does the swing chains withstand?

The swing chains can withstand up to 800 pounds and they are well tested.


Final Verdict

You already have too many alternatives to the common playsets out there online. Remember, you won’t be buying and installing playsets frequently. It’s a long-term venture about your kids’ entertainment. Therefore, considering the safety, quality and duration are very important. So don’t hesitate to buy one of the best playsets available on the market.

Gorilla is a brand dedicated to researching and manufacturing fun playsets in view to supplying families the greatest joy! Although the sets may be a little bit pricey, remember you have to pay some additional bucks for the quality and best product. In return, you’ll get the highest satisfaction and relief when you find that your children are passing an exciting healthy time.

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