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Top 7 Hiking Essentials List You Must Have As a Beginner


Are you a new hiker? Or have hiked for a couple of times? And you are trying to develop your hiking skills? If so, then you must know about some hiking essentials.

Well, there is nothing to worried about it. It says that who can walk he/she can hike too, anyone can hike who can walk. In this article, I’m gonna share 7 hiking essential that you must have as a beginner.

7 Hiking Essentials Tips That You Must Follow | Hiking Essentials For Beginners

Check Your Fitness Level:

This is a very mandatory thing that you need to make sure before you are going to start hiking. Because you are going to enjoy your time, not for suffering! So before start hiking, Check the fitness level that is you fit or not.

Hiking Route:

Make sure that you have a clear idea about your hiking route. First of all select a place where you are going to start your hiking journey. You can collect a lot of information about your hiking route through an online search. Simply you will get all the information that you need to know about your hiking routes like trail difficulty, water sources, direction, trail features and many more.

Select A Hiking Partner:

It’s better to go together rather than alone. If you have a friend who likes to hike and have interest in it ask them to go with you. A team will make your adventure more enjoyable. And also its very dangerous anything can happen when you are on trial. So it’s recommended to go with a team. Many cities have a hiking club that is regularly planning for hiking. If you don’t have any friend who likes hiking then you may talk to them near your city.

Check Weather Update:

Before starting hiking plan make sure that you have check weather updates. Otherwise, you may fall into danger because of bad weather.

Select Right Hiking Gear | Day Hiking Essentials

It’s very important for every hiker to take proper and right hiking gear. Here are some essentials hiking gears that you must have.

Food And Water:

It may difficult to know how much food and water you need as a new hiker. But there is a recommendation that you may need 200-300 calories per hour. For water, there needs half a liter per hour for moderate weather and activities. It totally depends on the situation actually. Because it depends on several factors like your age, location, weather, your sweat rate and body type. Make sure you take enough food and water for your tour. It’s recommended taking flexible water purifier for an emergency case.

What to Wear:

For clothing choose wool or polyester making cloth for quick drying. Make sure it’s comfortable and flexible and lightweight. Depending on the weather you may need a raincoat or waterproof jacket. For footwear bring lightweight trail-running shoes.

I have tried to point out the main hiking essentials that you need as a hiker. Hope you enjoyed this article. See you on another topic. Enjoy your hiking activities.

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