how to choose kitchen trash

How to choose a kitchen trash to reduce your kitchen waste?


The kitchen trash can integrate harmoniously with your interior and even become a real element of decoration! To choose a kitchen trash that facilitates selective sorting, several criteria come into play. Let’s take a look together at the points not to be overlooked when choosing a practical and design kitchen trash bin!

To sort your waste, there are two options:

  1. Several garbage cans, each garbage bin representing a sorting bin. If you have room, bet on the same model declined in several colors. Choose a trash color for each waste so that it is convenient. You can even vary the trash formats according to your needs. You will have more storage space and it can be very deco!
  2. A single bin with several sorting compartments. This case is more suited to small spaces that cannot accommodate several bins. Make sure that the storage capacity is adapted to your needs.

Depending on the city in which you live, you will have to sort more or less your waste. The trash can of conventional household garbage, the trash of recyclable waste and finally the trash bin. People are also using garbage disposal for their kitchen to reduce bad smell from waste. Check out more information on Garbage Disposal Mag.

Today, the trash can be seen as a real decorative accessory. It is no longer necessary to hide it in a closet for lack of aesthetics. There are so many models of kitchen bins that you will find the model of trash that fits harmoniously with your kitchen furniture. Depending on the layout of your kitchen and the space you have, you can opt for a kitchen trash can to put on the ground or for a trash model to integrate. Hide or proudly expose your kitchen trash can, it’s up to you!

Which kitchen trash can size is best for you?

The size and therefore the storage capacity of a bin is an element not to neglect. Whether you live alone or with your family, you will not have the same need for garbage cans. If you work from home, your trash can fill up faster than if you eat outside every lunchtime. Similarly, if you live in a small apartment like a studio, you will tend to favor a small trash not only for space but also because you will enjoy going out more often to avoid possible odors.

Do you need space? A trash can hang on the wall frees space on the floor and can be very convenient for the household. Some models of bins to ask can also be fixed on the wall, so you have the choice depending on your home.

Some of you may have a trash can for garbage placed in the kitchen and more sorting bins for recyclable waste. Everything is a question of space and organization. I would still tend to say that the further away from your trash bins from each other, the more likely you will sort. This is especially true for those who may prefer the facility by choosing the nearest trash.

When it comes to kitchen bins, you have a choice! You can find kitchen trash bins, trash bins with automatic opening or closing, touch bins or push bins. We take stock of the different systems of opening trash kitchen.

Kitchen trash can cabinet

The pressure of the foot on the pedal actuates the lifting of the lid of the trash. This bin is very convenient when you have your hands taken. You can find high, low, tubular or rectangular kitchen trash bins. There are even round bins with a flat back, which allows you to stick the trash against a wall.

A simple tap of your finger allows you to open the lid of the trash. You then need to close the lid manually. If you are agile, you can even open your trash with a nudge! Round, rectangular bins, all in length or even in height … there are bins for all tastes!

To transfer your garbage into the garbage bin, you have to push the lid swinging opening with your hand. This type of opening is not very practical if you have to empty plates etc. The advantage of these models is that they are often offered in XXL format, enough to store the waste of an entire family.

There is a wide choice of models of manual opening bins. If the opening systems are different, they all intuitive. Some criticize their lack of practicality, especially when you have your hands full. Those who are quite shy about hygiene often prefer pedal bins or automatic bins that allow them not to touch the trash with their hands.

A bin in a kitchen is essential. Whether you are a fan of zero waste or not, you must have some garbage to throw in the garbage bin or in the sorting bin. The choice of a beautiful model of trash for your kitchen will help you not to distort your interior decoration.

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