How To Cure Tennis Elbow in few simple steps!


  Do You want to know ” how to cure a tennis elbow”? Well, this post will surely give you the perfect answer. It’s very normal that you might get injured while playing sports or doing many other activities which create repetitive pressure on your arms. Assume, if you are in the field of sports, your arms may have to do some heavy tedious motions, like in tennis, squash or fencing. These repetitive movements of your arm can cause a tennis elbow.

Let’s discuss a few symptoms to avoid that before it turns into an intense pain.

  1.  Pain may gradually increase around the external part (bony knob) of the elbow.
  2. Although, harm is on the outside of the elbow however its torment may also be felt in the upper or lower arm.
  3.  Pain might be increased when you lift objects or shake the hand or press something.
  4. You may even experience extreme torment while using a toothbrush, opening jars, or anything which involves a forceful work with your wrist or arm.

 How to cure tennis elbow?


How to cure tennis elbow

How to cure tennis elbow

Tennis elbow can be reduced with the assistance of an extensive variety of medicines, including natural home remedies and different movement works out.

Home Remedies to cure tennis elbow:

   1. RICE (rest, icing, compression, elevation):

It is a popular solution to cure tennis elbow effectively. The essential thing is to offer rest to the painful area because at this stage recurring movements of the affected can make your condition worse.

Begin icing to decrease swelling area. Do it for 20-30 minutes twice or thrice a day which will help in facilitating the torment. Wrap ice in a cloth or a towel rather than placing it directly to the area.

Tie the zone and offer support to the sore ligament. Make sure to tie the cloth firmly but not too tightly. Elevate your arm above your heart level which  will help in lessening blood pooling.

2. Self-massage:

Self-massage is an extraordinary approach to reduce the pain in your elbow muscles. Try using some oil  to grease up the surface so that you can smoothly massage around the influenced area. This strategy helps in repairing the harmed nerve tissues. Try this twice in a day.

Tennis elbow treatment exercises:

Do these motion exercises listed below to decrease tightness in your elbow muscles.

1. Elbow bend:

While standing normally, slowly raise your lower arm upwards ensuring your hand touches your shoulders. Repeat this for 10-12 times.

2. Wrist flex:


Keep your arm straight (with the palm facing downwards) and try to slowly bend your wrist downwards using another hand up to 15-30seconds. Easily release it back to the same position. Do this 3 times.

3. Wrist lift:

Withholding a light weight in your grasp, raise your arm at the correct edge so it makes an L shape. Now bend your wrist gradually upwards. Do this 3 times.

4. Wrist turn:

Make a L’ shape again with your arm by bowing your elbow at the correct edge.  Ensure that your palm is facing up. Now twist your palm softly to face downwards. Release it after 5 seconds. Do this at least 3 times.


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Hopefully, you got the answer of “how to cure tennis elbow“. Do these activities frequently to reinforce your arm muscles. Remember… don’t begin to use your arm for any heavy work, soon after you have some relief in your torment. It may increase your problem. Simply focus on your body and follow the techniques carefully, After few days you’ll be able todo your daily work! For some awesome tennis elbow product review, You can have a look at here.

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