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The Miracle Tips Of How To Ride A Scooter | Kick Scooter


Riding can be dangerous when not done in the right way. Whether you are riding a fast bike or a scooter, your safety is of utmost importance. Learning how to ride a scooter for the first time is just as thrilling as riding a bike. Riding a scooter is mind-blowing because you feel the wind rushing through your body while you enjoy the scenery around.

Safety gear to have before riding a scooter:

  1. Helmet
    You should have a shield for the face. The shield should not distort your vision. If you want to have it tinted, then it should be very light tint. So you are able to use it at night also.
  2. Gloves
    The fingerless gloves are better because they give you a better grip on the bike. You can also use your phone with the gloves because your fingers are exposed.
  3. Knee and elbow pads
    These are important especially if you have never ridden a bike before. Therefore, need to learn how to maintain your balance on the scooter. You may fall down many times while learning. So you need protection for your knee and elbow.
  4. Scooter riding boot
    Your boot should be Antislip rubber sole so that you can keep balance easily. Check your boot size, because it should be comfortable and fit for your leg.
  5. Riding clothing
    Well, it is not a must that you have leather pants while riding. It is important though, that you have long pants and you will be well protected. If it is raining you will need to have a waterproof jacket on. The jacket should be breathable to make it comfortable.


Top 5 tips on riding kick scooter | infographic


how to ride a scooter

How to ride a kick scooter step by step:


  • First, ensure that you have identified a safe place for you to learn how to ride. A place without much traffic will suffice
  • To take action, At first,  Put your hands on both sides of the handlebars. Keep one foot strongly on the ground as you place your other foot in the central point of the deck. Do not move as fast as this is your first attempt.
  • Use your left foot to push the ground slightly and move forward. Your kicking leg will drive you forward. Instead of Long and powerful kicks, shorter, quicker repetitions kicks will make you more skilled.
  • Maintain the balance on your scooter to keep it on the road. When you get the balance on the scooter, try fetching your kicking foot behind your other foot on the scooter deck. You may keep your feet off the scooter hanging just above the ground until you get the hang of what you are doing.
  • Drive the scooter a short distance and when you have proper balance and confidence put your feet on the scooter.
  • Slightly pressing will slow you down and be pressing all the way will bring you to a complete stop in a couple seconds. Also, Keep your foot on the brake as you go down slopes or hills.
  • Gradually turn the handlebar. Be alert not to jerk too quickly or you may lose your balance and fall.
  • Practice.  “Practice makes a man perfect” in this case you will see, how true the quote is! Want to learn tricks and go pro? Keep practicing, learn from your mistakes and continue. be safe and HAVE FUN.


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There you have it. You now know how to ride a scooter and so safely without putting yourself to harm or totaling your scooter. Remember practice is important before you can proclaim to be a pro scooter rider. Until that happens to avoid ferrying passengers with you as this could put their lives in danger. Enjoy riding your scooter to the future.

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