Kahuna Massage Chair Review 2019


It is not easy to find a suitable massage chair. Often an important feature is missing when all requirements fulfill. Sometimes we can’t satisfy ourselves regarding the trustworthiness of the manufacturer. With critical factors such as product quality, requirement fulfillment and company trust we get into a quagmire and become indecisive.

Good news is, Kahuna’s SM7300 model is one recliner you can rely upon! Its performance, quality, features and price – altogether offers much better than other similar products on the market. Moreover, it already has a great number of loyal and highly satisfied customers.

Kahuna Superior SM 7300 is a therapeutic massage that doesn’t let its users down.

About the Company

AJX Distribution Inc. is the manufacturer of Kahuna massage chairs. It started its journey with massage chairs in 1997. The company has a good success history in its venture. In its website, claims to be striving and focused on diligent workmanship and after-sales services. In fact, the company has gained attention with Kahuna massage chairs, which made many happy customers for them.


Kahuna Massage Chair Review


About the Chair

Many people look for great massage chairs but fall back when they see the price. However, Kahuna is exceptional! At a medium range you’ll be astonished to see the features it offers. Several models of Kahuna are great, among those SM7300 is a great one.

People especially get confused with size compatibility while choosing a massage chair. You can rely on Kahuna SM7300 regarding body size and height – they can be customized easily.  A distinctive characteristic of SM7300 is, it has been designed for tall users. A tall person may have been disappointed by some good massage chairs on the market, but not with Kahuna SM7300. If you’re tall and looking for a Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner, you have got finally got your chair. This of course, doesn’t mean, if you are not very tall this isn’t for you. Rather it would be as comfortable and good for you, as it is going to be for a six feet height person.

The SM7300 has total 9 Auto programs including 4 special programs. It has a great user-friendly remote controller which allows air intensity massage up to 5 levels. It is made up with top performing technology that embeds with variety of different techniques. The recliner offers shiatsu massage on selective body parts or fixed point of the body. Moreover, it accommodate all body types, both heavier and bigger figures and adds 3 more inches to the shoulders and hip area. It also accommodates height up to 6ft 5inches and weight up to 320 lbs.

The weight of the chair is 246 lbs.

Feature Details

Hybrid S- and L-track design

The users get combined benefits of the hybrid S- and L-track design of this chair.

The S-track proceeds the natural curve of your spine and the L-track can extend fully toward the glutes and thighs.

This feature of Kahuna makes it a very high-quality recliner that provides with greater benefits and comfort together.

Kahuna’s six-roller system provides with enhanced massage quality. The user could experience the human-massage feel with just through quad-rollers – true. However, the extra rollers are additional source of comfort and therapy.

3D Body Scan Feature

With its 3D body scan feature, Kahuna SM7300 would scan your body before you start massage. The scanner locates your body’s pressure points and adjusts the rollers too.

Manual adjustment is also possible to affix the width of the massage area.

Massage Options

Kahuna SM7300 offers five massage techniques: kneading, tapping, a combo of kneading and tapping, knocking, and shiatsu.

You also have five other pre-programmed massage options you can choose from:

  • Yoga-Stretching
  • Recovery
  • Pain Relief
  • Relaxation
  • Refresh

In addition, Kahuna SM7300 takes you one step forward with four massage modes based on different groups of people:

  1. Office Person
  2. Senior Mode
  3. Golfer Mode
  4. Dynamic Sports Mode

Three intensity level settings allows you to customize all the massage options.

Another great option is the Zone massage mode. This mode allows you the recliner to stop massaging when the roller reaches a sensitive spot.

Kahuna Superior has an adjustable timer too. You can adjust your time between ten to a maximum of thirty minutes.

Body Stretch Function

Kahuna Superior’s Yoga stretch function is basically for people who suffer from the back pain. By taking the pressure off your spine, the function provides an immediate relief.

Heat Therapy

Although many Kahuna massage chairs have at least two different heat therapy locations, the SM7300 model has only the heat for the lumbar area.

Zero Gravity Feature

And of course, a fundamental feature, which most massage chairs have, Kahuna does have the zero gravity feature.

Kahuna massage chair only comes with one Zero-G level. However, some massage chairs offer three Zero-G levels.

As your body weight is pressing down against the rollers, by placing yourself in a reclined position, the chair can provide a more thorough and even deep tissue massage.

Air Massage Mode

Although the number of airbags in Kahuna SM7300 is only 18, users have had very good experience with it. There are three different levels to adjust the intensity of the airbags.

Foot Massage

For foot massage Kahuna Superior is really great! Airbags located in the leg ports will give you a good massage. Moreover, you’ll have three different massage techniques – scraping, rolling, and kneading for your feet.

Remote Control

A very simple, well designed and easy to use remote control comes with the recliner. As the chair comes with extensive amount of features, the remote is extremely useful.

Led Lighting

On each side of the SM7300 massage chair there are LED lights. The massage experience becomes much better and relaxing with the calming glow of these lights.

Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300 Installation Process!



  • Top performing massage chair at great value
  • Accommodates people with different body size
  • Several Auto programs
  • Multiple massage options
  • Extensive therapeutic value with several features
  • Provides an instant relief from chronic back pains



  • Only one zero gravity position
  • No built-in speakers included.
  • No rollers for the calf muscle areas



If you want an impressive and useful chair with the extensive features, the Kahuna Superior SM7300 massage chair is it! The price and quality will give you great joy. No matter what your height is, Kahuna’ SM7300 is just the massage chair that is perfect. If you want instant relief from chronic back-pain Kahuna’s deep massage would be very effective.

Kahuna Superior SM7300 massage chair has already won the hearts of a big number of customers and they have wholeheartedly spoke in favor of the recliner. If you are seriously looking for your health solution today, this chair is an excellent value for money.


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