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Razor Scooter Wheels Replacement Set With Bearings


Why you need Razor scooter wheels replacement? Well, Every product has a lifetime, Even you buy the best durable kick scooter for you or your kids, over time and because of rough use you need to replace some parts, as well as wheels. In terms of Razor kick scooter,  this is also true that after a few years of using some parts can be damaged.

How much durable it is, after quite a long time of running on rock and bumpy roads, you will see one or the two wheels split or small holes and different deformities. You or your kid begin to grumble about an unpleasant, uneven ride on the scooter. There is nothing more awful than the sound of a youngster complaining about a scooter they cherish that doesn’t appear to ride appropriately any longer!

In this short article, we will try to explain how to replace a razor kick scooter wheel. Here most important part is to buy the right wheels according to brands and models. So, I will provide some product link, so you can enjoy again your favorite scooter ride.

Since you’ve come to love your most favorite scooter, You should identify the problem first, for example -the wheels or bearings are exhausted. So now you have to purchase the same model wheels or bearings from the same brand.  Now the big question is, can you replace the wheels or bearings yourself? The answer is sure you can do it by yourself. Just read this guide and follow every step.

How To Replace The Razor Scooter Wheels Step By Step Process


Tools Needed:
  • 3/16″ Allen Wrench ( keep In mind that, sometimes the wrench is provided with replacement wheels)
  • And your new same model razor scooter wheel.


Step by step process to remove razor scooter wheels.

Here we will cover two methods, the first one is when you have only one wrench and 2nd method is if you have two wrenches.

The first method for one Allen wrench

  • At-first unpack the new razor wheels for their packaging and keep the Allen wrench beside the wheels.
  • Place your hands on the two sides of the front wheel of your scooter and hold tight so the wheels don’t move.
  • Insert the Allen wrench in the front left axle bolt (which should be the longer one)
  • To release the axle bolt, at first turn the wrench and take out the bolt.
  • You may see that the bolt is not moving. In that case, take another Hex or Allen wrench and hold the opposite bolt so that it can work as a leverage.
  • After that, insert the Allen wrench into the tiny front right axle bolt. Turn it few times and then take out the bolt.
  • Finally, you can remove the wheel from the scooter.


The second method is applicable if you have two Allen wrench

This is easier than the first method, just follow these simple two steps.

  • At first, Flip your scooter upside down. The handlebars and brake would contact the ground in this setup.
  • Take two Allen wrenches. Insert one wrench for each screw arranged on either side of the wheel. Hold tight the other screw, as you continue in turning the other screw to release it. Then turn in a clockwise direction. When you’ve effectively turned and let go of the two screws, the old wheel would now be able to be withdrawn from the scooter.

Now all are set to replace the new wheels. Locate the metal sleeve in the central point of the bearing and check if it’s misaligned. When the bearing is situated perfectly and free from any blockage, now you can Safely join the substitution wheel.

 Video  Tutorial How To Replace A Scooter Wheel


Razor Scooter wheels Replacement Wheels Set with Bearings


Round out your ride! When you’re prepared to replace exhausted wheels on your most loved kick scooter, these substitutions will get your old scooter rolling like brand new. Made of top quality urethane with bearing included. Razor Kick Scooter Replacement Wheels are perfect with the following Razor Kick Scooters: like  A, A2 A4, Spark, Spark 2.0 and A Sweet Pea. Comes in packs of 2 with 6 unique colors to choose from. Each pack sold individually.

2 Scooter Wheels With Abec 7 Bearings for RAZOR SCOOTER 100mm


Great performance, high-bounce scooter wheels which fit on almost every scooter and measure 100mm in diameter (standard 24mm width). These substitution wheels will give you brand new scooter feelings. These wheels use a particular urethane  (88A Durometer) for long-life and durability while giving a smooth and comfortable ride. Incorporates 2 wheels with Abec 7 bearings installed. These are very easy to replace on any scooter!

L.E.D. Scooter Wheels With Abec 9 Bearings for Razor Scooters 100mm Light Up 2-pack | Razor scooter wheels light up


Incorporates a couple of 2 100mm Wheels with Fast Abec 9 Bearings. These L.E.D Light up wheels are super simple to install and will fit on any kinds of scooter (try to check specs first, these are 100mm in diameter across with a standard size 24mm width)

No batteries required, these wheels are controlled by radiating power. Each wheel incorporates 3 super splendid LED lights that sparkle for more than 10,000 hours.

These light up wheels not just look magnificent, the wheels enlighten the rider around evening time adding a component of wellbeing to dark night riding. Be Safe, Be Seen!!

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