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The Best Freeride Longboard and How to Choose One


Longboarding is one variation of street skating but it offers more things to do than skateboarding.Riding a longboard, you can pick the style you want including downhill, cruising, commuting, or freeride.

By identifying your interest beforehand, you should be able to realize that freeriding fits most beginners for not restricting any particular skill.In this writing, we will show you our recommendations of the best freeride boards for beginners as well as some short tips to help you pick the most suitable longboard for yourself.

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Types of longboards


This is the classic style which is a favorable choice for cruising and carving. They are usually a little flexi and softer so they can dampen out the road vibrations.

Top mount

They call them top mount because originally, when people make downhill boards, they made drop board; so, it was different to ride top board mounted.

A top mount board has a micro drop or kicktail. Sometimes, they don’t have any drop but being flat instead, with rocker or different profiles.

Drop through

This type of board gets you lower to the ground. It sits closer to the surface gives you centered gravity. The trucks are mounted in the cutouts. The construction brings more comfort in pushing and stability.

Drop board

This board the lowest platform of them all. The contour is pressed into the board in the manufacturing process. This board is no doubt the most stable board. Sometimes, it’s bit heavier but all in all, it is easy to push and pretty radical.

 Freeride Downhill Longboarding!


Top-rated Freeride Longboard for Beginners


1.Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Complete Longboard Skateboard


Beginners don’t want to look away from this attractive longboard for good. Since it has a pintail making the whole unit look like a surfboard, it is named as a surfboard on land.

The board is capable of long and weary carves than slashing or aggressive gliding.

Created for the light rides to relax, the board comes with a slightly utilitarian but still very functional. While the reverse kingpin design means for stable rides, the trucks favor most surfers but not the performing ones. Since there is no concave on the deck, skaters won’t be able to generate many tricks.

It comes with the Yocaher’s favorite wheels for basic freeriding longboards. Though the wheels don’t have the high-end ability, they serve acceptable service.

The downside should come in the bearings don’t work as consistent as we expected. An upgrade will breathe life into it.




  • Dimensions: 40 inches long and 9 inches wide
  • Wheelbase: 27 inches
  • Material: 9 ply maple
  • 180 mm hanger
  • 74 mm Q-ball wheels 78a


Pros & Cons

What we liked


  • Surfing board design
  • Allow more lean angles
  • Beginner-friendly with a flat deck

What we didn’t like


  • Low performing bearings
  • Misplaced trucks in position
  • Industry-grade components


2.Landyachtz Chief Cruiser Longboard Complete 


One of the most maneuver freeride boards in this list. It has a cambered end that flexes the deck. The board is built up from a pile of seven maple layers makes it a strong and firm unit. The idea of the feather pattern on the bottom side of the deck offers a goldilocks style for anyone who is a fan.

This Maple Chief longboard is equipped the Bear Grizzly 852 trucks for a street performer. They are attached with the 8.5-inch hanger enable carving and slashing like a pro on a cruising longboard.

You will find pronounced lips on the edges of the wheels are the main contributor to the tendency to grip the pavement, speed, and smooth rolling. They work cooperatively with the ABEC 7 bearings with built-in spacers to provide the ride as comfortable as possible.




  • Dimensions: 36 inches long and 8.75 inches wide
  • Material: maple
  • Wheelbase: 26.5 inches
  • Bear Grizzly 852 trucks
  • 5-inch hanger
  • 69 mm Hawg wheels 78a durometer
  • ABEC-7 Bear Space Balls bearings


Pros & Cons

What we liked


  • Sleek design
  • No need an immediate bearing upgrade
  • Rock shape for easy carving and slashing


What we didn’t like


  • Get unstable at downhill speed


3.Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Cruising, Carving, Free-Style, Downhill and Dancing


As a beginner, you want to make sure to have a stiff enough longboard for practice but doesn’t hurt your wallet at the same time. A conventional and quality longboard isn’t a hard thing to find. Check out this board from Magneto.


The complete from bamboo will convince you about the deck’s strength. However, there is an optional selection of fiberglass or the mix of bamboo and fiberglass blackboard.

The deck has the measurements of 46 times 9 inches comes with a dual kick tail. A shallow concave on the arched camber gives the board comfortable flexibility.

Trucks and Wheels

Paris style truck is in trend, and you can look for it in this longboard. There are risers put in the trucks make it stand high off the ground. When it comes to pushing off, you can sense the steady against the surface. The 70 mm wheels and ABEC 11 bearings all make wide way for carving nice and tight.


If you are looking to freeride on a daily basics, go for this board. Though you can expect it to ride downhill, don’t push it to roll on the slope too often.

The bamboo version has better endurance than other material offered. Fiberglass board can work significantly with the weight of children whereas bamboo can bear a mass of 240 lbs.




4.RIMABLE Bamboo Pintail Longboard 


If your kids wish to give a try with skateboarding, gift them this Rimable longboard with basic design and value.


The measurements of 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide provide extra room to balance. The board is made of laminated 9 Ply maple which is durable for more weight on it.

The deck stands 4.25 inches high above the surface. This rate is an ideal number for a starter to learn the basics. Pintail supports navigating board with ease benefits beginners in turning and carving.


The board is mounted with 7-inch 180 aluminum trucks of non-branded which offer sufficient assistance for the first-time ridings. Out of the box, the trucks should give you enough time to gain some speed and learn the tricks before it goes down in nature.


PU wheels of 51 mm are in the fence of requirements for a longboard for newbies. It adds an acceptable height accordingly with the deck to make you turn and carve more easily.


You will get ABEC 11 bearings which are good for rolling down the slopes. But to keep it last as long as possible, some maintenance skills should be useful. This type of non-labeled bearings can work as decent as the branded ones.


You don’t need to look beyond for a better choice as a beginner. This board has taken care of the concern. Just make sure that you will ride in safety and save the board from potent defections as much as possible.




A Brief Strategy to Choose a Freeride Longboard

When it comes to choosing a freeride board, you have to think about what you’re going to do on the board. Freeride is defined by riding lots of hills and sliding in the stand-up position, 180s, switching, slashing, drifting and all the blending styles around the corner.

In freeriding, you’re generally doing a fair amount of switch sliding. That is why you will want something that is symmetrical. It helps you eliminate the feeling of being backward when you are actually backward. You’ll feel the same both way when you do those switch maneuvers.

The next thing is you want something fairly stiff. A little bit of flex is fine, but you need something more stable to go faster. Typically, a 9-ply board or a combination of fiberglass and maple/bamboo will be stiffer.

Along with that, freeride decks often have the wheelbase between 20-30 inches which is the longer than the typical freestyle deck. This option is a good general rule of thumb. But in fact, keep your options open because sometimes, it is fun to ride freestyle on smaller wheelbases.


Final thoughts

You should realize that there are tons of things to consider when it comes to buying the right longboard for your ride, no matter what type it is.

Keep in mind that a freeride longboard is at the hybridized side of all types of longboards. It picks the handiest characteristics of other types to make it more maneuverable than a specific type.

When choosing a freeride longboard, you don’t lean on any style in particular. With a freeride board, you can develop skills and perform the manner you want; then you can switch to the style you find you are most comfortable with.

We wish you luck and more fun with this amazing sport.

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